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Sweet 16 in Virginia

Your little girl's not so little anymore. You can show her you know by throwing her a big sweet 16 birthday party. You will make her birthday all the more special. Check out our list of sweet 16 parties in Virginia. They are ready to make your little girl the star of the evening.  These unique sweet 16 parties are just as original as your little girl. After all, girls just want to have fun.

3936 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Good Tidings At Tidewater DJ
A place for spending good times, a place for formal wedding receptions, a place for corporate events, a place for disco grooving, a place for birthday parties and it is a very good place for sweet 16 parties more especially for your beloved daughter.

Tidewater Disc Jockeys plays hundreds of music from various genres, where their disc jocks will play, entertain the whole party with their requests and their likes.  The DJs will certainly read the crowd and keep them dancing while playing their music.  Bring your daughter’s sweet 16 party here along with her invited guests for an unforgettable birthday dance party!

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1524 Spring Hill Road, McLean, VA 22102


Girl To An Elegant Lady
You’re teenage girl is turning 16 or let us say turning into a fine young lady now!  You must probably be thinking of what kind of birthday party celebration you can give her that will make her cherish it until her golden age or for the rest of her life.  Would it be nice to give her such an elegant party which you know any girl of her age would dream of having too?

This is one elegant place for a sweet 16 party for your once little girl who now has transformed into a fine elegant young woman. Iris Lounge is one complete venue for that, from its perfect location in Virginia to their ambrosial food and dancing the whole night with their DJ in the house.  Let them prepare it for you now!  Give your lady one unforgettable sweet 16 party.

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2106 Jolly Pond Road, Williamsburg, VA 23188

Bread And Butter Jamz-sweet-16-in-virginia

Music Supplier
Are you all set for that party?  Is there something that you think is missing in that party?  There has got to be good music selections for your sweet 16 party.  Music definitely is the bread and butter of every party there is.  Without music, any party will be clumsy, but with music any party will be all set and ready to go!

Let Bread and Butter Jamz be the source of music, lights and sounds of the party, as well as the mover and shaker of your upcoming sweet 16 party.  Bread and Butter Jamz bestows good DJs and a woman of action in terms of singing karaoke to brighten and liven up the whole party.  

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724 Commerce Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504


Put Tresca On Your Fave Venue
Tresca on 8th is one big 5,500 square foot space for wedding receptions, special events, corporate meetings, and spacious venue for your sweet sixteen parties.  Your once little girl seems to be turning into a fine young lady now, as elegant as she is, this venue for her sweet sixteen party exactly matches her quality of womanhood.  Sixteen years old is a transition period which makes each and every girl realize they are grownups now, ready to face the world.  This event of her life can be memorable for her, so giving her a very special sweet sixteen party is one big event of her life.

Please visit the official website of Tresca on 8th to find out more of what they are boasting of regarding their elegant venue.

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434-237-6333 / 866-510-6333
2900 Candlers Mountain Road , Lynchburg, VA 24502


Paradise For Your Sweet 16 Angel
You need to see the place and hold your special event here to appreciate the hotel's interiors including their serene surroundings outside the hotel.  The Kirkley Hotel is right in the heart of Lynchburg Virginia, surrounded by many attractions, museums and parks not to mention their local services and surrounding areas.

When it comes to elegant sweet 16 party venues, Kirkley Hotel is one perfect choice for Virginians.  Virginia is known for its numerous gardens and arboretums; the Kirkley Hotel truly has those within its environment.  It is such a cool and elegant venue for your sweet 16 party, a paradisiacal birthday party place for your angel.

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2749 Blacksmith Trail, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Sweet Hart Cakes & Bakes-sweet-16-in-virginia

Sweets For Your Sweet
Having one simple sweet 16 party at your home?  Do you simply want to just spend it at home with your close friends and relatives? Does your daughter prefer to do it right in your home?  Definitely you can do that but you need to top that serene sweet 16 party with those who are close to you.  Bring in one or two or even more special cakes to that special occasion which everyone would truly enjoy.

Sweet Hart Cakes & Bakes is one good source of these in Virginia.  They can overflow your daughter’s sweet 16 party with cupcakes/muffins, buttercream/frostings, birthday cakes, biscuits and cookies, sweets and more sweets for your sweetie!  Consider their bakes and see what they’re baking thru their website.

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142 Harrington Road, Newport News, VA 23606


Make Her A Sweet 16 Movie
Wouldn't it be nice to have everything captured and stored in photos and videos?  This special event or that sweet 16 party should be recorded to last a lifetime for everyone to enjoy including the celebrant.  The Baker Entertainment offers not only their great selection of DJ music but they also can produce one good video about your party!  They can collect pictures of the celebrant from childhood to present day and make a short life biography from those.  This will be done complete with your or the celebrant’s favorite music in the background.

See how you can treasure such a party by producing a video out of it, wherein you can be the narrator or the director. Just visit their website!

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808 Eden Way, Chesapeake, VA 23320!sweet-16-birthdays/c1kmu


Sweet 16 Is At Home
Considering the budget that you have right now for your precious daughter’s 16th birthday can be inflexible, deciding to do it right in your home may sound clumsy or boresome, wouldn’t it?  Well not necessarily, if you have the appropriate food and decorations for that sweet sixteen party, home venues may not be too monotonous at all.  You don’t have to attempt to do it against the clock, as the Big Dreams Entertainment knows the importance of that once in a lifetime party event for your ever dearest daughter.

Let the Big Dreams Entertainment help you with that dream party of your sixteen year old daughter.  Give her that sweet sixteen party she might be dreaming of by tapping in the services of Big Dreams Entertainment. Big Dreams Entertainment specializes in DJ services, photo booth and video productions for a sweet sixteen party.

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, , VA!parties/vstc3=sweet-16


Le Chic
The place that specializes in girls’ partying needs is here serving the states of Virginia, Maryland and DC.  La Petite Fete Chic can accommodate almost all kinds of birthday custom themes, for if you don’t find it in their packages you may just request it from them and they will arrange that for you.

If your daughter wants to feel like a princess at her sweet 16 party, this business will not disappoint you or her.  With their signature themes everything will be included, from the event and table covers, the linens, catering for the food, activities, cupcakes, favors, their hostesses and their on-site coordinator, they will bring all of these to your party location wherever you may be in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC.  Give their website a look now.

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4602-A Westgrove Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23455!vstc7=sweet-16,proms-and-baby-showers/vstc1=portfolio-right-nav/vstc0=portfolio-left-nav


The Event Coordinators & Planners
With all the worry of the upcoming sweet 16 birthday party for your grownup girl, you need to know what specific type of party she wants.  You sometimes need to consult or ask her about what she prefers, but then again if you want it to be a surprise party you have to find recourse.

With these concepts in their business, Pure Dymonds Events will handle everything from sourcing out a perfect venue that suits your sweet 16 girl, to the music, catering up to the last wee hours of the party itself.  Everything will be handled, arranged and coordinated by the Pure Dymonds Events for you.  This will help you a lot in setting up a successful and memorable sweet 16 party for your girl.

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+1 540-533-3717
, Winchester, VA 22601


Lights & Sounds
With over 25 years of mobile mixing, providing full service for your sounds and lights extremity, Bracken Audio is the name. Mixing through their 25 years of existence in the world of mobile music, Bracken Audio has handled various parties, events and even concerts.  With that number of years in the business, they undeniably know what you need to pump up that sweet 16 party!

Providing a DJ music service is a must-have at a sweet 16 party.  More especially if your teenage celebrant loves to dance to the music hits.  Your party goers will experience a never the same superb quality of sounds and lights at that party wherever it may be.

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138 South Rosemont Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

ICON Limousines-sweet-16-in-virginia

Sweet 16 With Class
A limousine ride is going to be a wonderful, one of a kind, could be a once in a lifetime experience that your special princess might have for the rest of her life.  She will definitely not forget such one cruise on board this elegant limousine service vehicle from ICON Limousines.

ICON Limousines has the highest quality limousines in Virginia Beach area.  They have a fleet of party buses too to accommodate all the guests on board.  You have to see their actual pictures on their official website stated herein.  These fleet services of theirs can bring the whole party to their party places in style!  So go ahead now and bring them to your sweet 16 party venue all aboard these beautiful, classy and elegantly-styled limousines and party buses!

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1401 Greenbrier Parkway South, Chesapeake, VA 23320


This Girl Has Turned Into A Woman
Look at you now, a former girl who has just transformed into a lady or a woman. A sixteen year old girl is no longer a girl and is considered to be a woman now ready for a new path in her life.  This moment is really a momentous one that needs to be captured and treasured.  One great way to do this is by creating a glamorous photo or portrait of yourself.  Glamour Shots are experts in this field of expertise and can definitely help you collect lots of portrait treasures.

Visit their website now and see how you can get them to portrait you, even with your friends and families.

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+1 757-310-9242
Po Box 3407, Hampton, VA 23663


Elegant Ornaments
For special occasions like this go to the House of Occasion.  House of Occasion deals mainly with decorations for all your partying needs.  So when you are planning for a sweet 16 party you need to put up some ornaments to beautify it.  House of Occasion has great assortments of these elegant decorations for that teen party.

One has to see their images on their website to appreciate their ornaments.  They are not just your ordinary decorations for your party venue, table tops, cake tops as they are being elegantly crafted for the sweet 16 celebrant.  As elegant as she is, these decorations are.  You will also be surprised with how they manage to price these masterfully crafted ornaments at its lowest margin.  Please take a look at their website.

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