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Virginia Opera

When you are in Virginia are you interested in seeing as opera? See our list of the best VA opera shows that are absolutely stunning. From Italian opera to Spanish opera, you will find it all! 

1 University Place, Newport News, VA 23606


Quality At Its Best
The Ferguson Center for the Arts is one world-class opera theater that has an acoustically-best system in it. This opera theater that presents world-class opera shows in Virginia has been authenticated by millions of its patrons and opera lovers. The theater has had showcased a lot of brilliant and legendary artists in the US such as Dionne Warwick, Kris Kristofferson, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, Tim Conway and a lot more.

For quality shows that features operas, comedy, orchestra and musicals this theater is undoubtedly a must to consider.  The Ferguson Center for the Arts is always busy with their updates and preparing of upcoming shows, events or concerts that the theater holds consistently.  Never is this theater idled and is always jam-packed with satisfied theatergoers.

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201 Market Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


A Multi-Awarded Theater
For over 21 years The Virginia Musical Theater has been presenting shows, specifically musical opera shows in Virginia, and was able to produce so far at least 98 productions.  The theater enhances and promotes more of this kind of performing arts in Virginia by giving proper training to all aspiring talents in their region.  It was so successful that they have been awarded a lot of times by the local award giving bodies.  


To name the awards they garnered so far were the following: Outstanding contribution to the cultural life of Greater Hampton Roads, which was given by Alli Award last 2002; another one from Port Folio Award given last 1999 for the Career achievement in professional theater.  That award was given specifically to their founder, Mr. Jeff Meredith.  Another award was last 1995 for being The Official Professional Theater of the city of Virginia Beach.

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125 East Mellen Street, Hampton, VA 23663


From An Old Theater To A World Class Venue For Arts
World class performing arts shows are being presented here for all the local folks of Hampton Roads area in Virginia.  That is the mission of The American Theater’s management and its board of directors.  To bring world class opera shows to their local town without needing to go out somewhere else.  The theater’s goal and mission is being backed up and supported by its friends and many others who believe in the same perspective.

Since The American Theater started way back in 1908 until they expanded and purchased another building in 1997, The American Theater never failed in its commitment thus giving its management and owner the luxury of not having any record of debt or mortgage.  Today, the theater can be considered as one of the state of the art and elegant theater in the region.

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220 North Washington Street, Falls Church, VA 22046


The Washington Metro’s Fave Venue
The theater started in 1936 and has undergone a lot of renovations since then.  The State Theater retained the original formation of the building including the seat formations in its interior layout.  Since its full renovation, it has then become the local’s favorite venue for live music presentation and private opera shows or events.  Most of the theater’s shows have age restrictions, normally from age 18 and above only.

This theater has got so many amenities like private rooms, bathrooms or restrooms, dining room or their restaurant, green rooms and they even have plenty of parking spaces both for their artists and patrons, wherein they don’t charge any fees for parking.  One may also enjoy the menus in their restaurant that would really satisfy one’s craving.

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4200 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, VA 22206


Eye-Catching, Attention-Getting, Signature Opera Shows
Are you looking for opera shows that have attracted the attention of some established critics in the region?  The Signature Theater has beyond any doubt made some opera shows in Virginia that made some critics recognize their productions.  Examples of these are the Virginia Magazine, which recognized their cutting edge performances; also, is the Washington Post, which, for the most part, has reviewed and praised their innovative production shows.

When you really are into operas, musical shows, theatrical acts of any sorts, Signature Theater is highly recommendable for such.  Tourists and locals alike must give this theater a visit to see why they are being applauded and deemed for their production shows.

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1800 South Bell Street, Arlington, VA 22202


The Place To Be!
Looking for a Virginia Opera show?  Look further no more because the Synetic Theater always has got something to show almost every month of the year. The theater’s mission is not just to show excellent performances by its excellent artists, but to teach and educate the aspiring talents the proper way of doing such art.

Synetic Theater was founded by Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili, two Georgian artists who migrated to the state in 1990, of which the theater made its debut in 2002. Since then Synetic Theater in VA was recognized and was given some awards by the Helen Hayes Awards for some of its plays. So if someone is really into Virginia Opera, this place is the place to be. Scheduled shows, events, plays and theatrical acts are on their website provided herein.

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19778 Main Street, Buchanan, VA 24066


With A Little Help From Friends
If you are looking for an old theater in Virginia or nearby, the Buchanan Theater is obviously the one. This theater started out with the name A.E. McCurdy’s Open Air Theater in 1914 and completed the whole structure of the building by 1919. The theater building was then renamed to Star Theater and finally to Buchanan Theater. The Buchanan Theater transitorily closed in November 1985 ‘til it was reopened and operated by its new owners Dale and Gloria Carter.

On its 10th year revitalization anniversary, the theater then started using state of the art digitally formatted and high definition films. With a little help from their friends and its community folks, the theater is keeping up pace with venues for performing arts and other intendment. Today, it is registered by the National Register of Historic Places as the oldest theater in Botetourt County. 

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1609 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220


Passion For The Art Is On Fire
Looking for great opera shows and standout plays in VA?  A vigorous and wholesome theater is just nearby town, the Firehouse Theater Project, always dedicates the theater for this intendment. As to further promote and enhance the performing arts in Virginia, the theater provides acting workshops for the “wanna-be’s” in town. They also hold endless events and upcoming shows which are constantly being featured and updated on their official website.  

In addition to the performing arts that they continuously showcase in the theater, the Firehouse Theater Project in VA additionally accepts rental activities for any kind of party, anniversary celebrations, fundraising campaigns, movie screenings or just a gathering of harmonious people sharing mutual likes or interests.

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114 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220


May The Force Be With You
Without fail The Virginia Repertory Theater can powerfully produce, portray and showcase supreme and a full-force performing arts in Virginia. With the convergence of two companies, the Barksdale Theater and the Theater IV, this Virginia Repertory Theater is now maximizing their experiences, talents, facilities, resources and management for more than 10 years now.

They maintain a high quality of performances by polishing their talents and by nurturing them with the best compensation in the industry. This theater has got a contributing mission to its community for the upholding of the said art for future generations. By giving its local folks superb shows, the community is giving them back their support to the theater. So, the mission of perpetuating the opera shows in the Virginia region now is a two way process.

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160 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23510


Great Place to Unwind & Relax!
This is one great place to find when in need of a place to end the night. This is the ultimate place for those who are seeking some elegant, stress-free, break time after a full hard day’s work.  This place can serve much more purpose either for an individual, a group, with officemates or co-workers, family and even a good place for a date with your special someone.

This is a place for performing arts in Virginia where it has plenty to offer to its visitors or guests including opera. The Harrison Opera House is such a beautiful theater glittering with its chandeliers, extravagant staircases and partying tables where one can sit, dine and drink with superb champagnes and cocktails. One can truly enjoy this place and is ideal for what was mentioned above.

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1010 Church Street , Norfolk, VA 23504


A Historic Opera House In Norfolk, Virginia
Formerly known as the “Apollo Theater of the South,” which was financed, designed and constructed by Harvey Johnson in 1919, is now known as Attucks Theater in Norfolk or Attucks Theater in Virginia. It was named after an African-American Crispus Attucks who gave and lost his life during the Revolutionary War. The Attucks Theater, which still serves as an opera house in VA, was reopened to the public in 2004.

Since its inception to the local folks of Virginia many famous artists have performed here. Names like that of Ruth Brown, Gary US Bonds, Cab Calloway, Redd Foxx among many others. The theater opens at least an hour prior to the show or event. To witness their events or theatrical shows you may check out their website provided on this page.

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215 St Pauls Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23510


Virginia Loves To Perform
Local folks seem to really love the performing arts in Virginia.  In Norfolk alone, there are seven theaters that are all venues for these kinds of events. Tourists may need to explore the locals' interests and find out for themselves why the local Virginians are so falling in love with their performing arts.

Chrysler Hall is among the seven theaters in Norfolk and has been there since 1972. Since it started, it showcased a lot of ultimate shows, performances, concerts, family theatre acts with comedy acts. Never did it fail the local folks residing within and the tourists going to their events merely out of curiosity why the Chrysler Hall in Virginia stands firm throughout the years. This is a great opera hall in VA.

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600 East Grace Street, Richmond, VA 23219


Magnificent Theater with Magnificent Historical Values
Originally this was named as Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts. The Carpenter Center was constructed way back in 1927 and begun its operation in 1928. It started its purpose as the venue for performing arts in Virginia.

In the early 2000s, it merged with the Virginia Center for the Performing Arts Foundation which as partners were able to acquire the lot adjacent to its position. With this strategic plan for upgrade, the Carpenter Center was then able to materialize its goal of a broader performing arts in Virginia. So did it happen, on September 12, 2009 this theater made its lavish opening. This year in 2013, it is once more expanding and has allocated around $50 million dollars for the restoration and renovation of its acquired the Landmark Theater. This massive VA opera theater expansion will soon be completed in three years' time.

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127 West Main Street, Abingdon, VA 24210


Step Right Up! Step Right Up!
It was during that Great Depression in the United States when this historical theater, Barter Theater, opened its doors to the public as a venue for performances in Virginia Opera. It was all from the idea of one actor, Robert Porterfield, who was out of work then decided to consider the goods of farmers and the folks nearby as payment for the theater's shows. His goal was to provide laughter amidst the depression, knowing their financial incapacity to get a good laugh.

Today, since it started in 1933, this Virginia Opera theater survived the test of time and still is giving its folks good laughs, humors and any other kind of theatrical shows. Not only was it able to do that but it also paved the way for some famous actors today to their current glamorous stature.

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10 South Market Street, Staunton, VA 24401


"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”  
William Shakespeare was quoted for that, and that is what inspires this Virginia opera venue. One theater in Staunton, Virginia, and that is the American Shakespeare Center, has this in their mission, to reconnect the Modern Age to the English Renaissance age.

The theater guests and viewers will be amazed with the settings of the theater itself, from the light effects, the walls, the chandeliers, everything is setup like the backdrop of Shakespeare’s plays. Once tourists or even locals who love the Virginia Opera plays step-in this theater, they will feel the ambiance as if they are in the medieval times.

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1551 Trap Road, Vienna, VA 22182


Wolf Attack!
The name of the theater itself sounds aggressive, but that could be analogous to the number of shows that the Wolf Trap National Park holds every year. A variety of shows are fiercely presented here 90 times in a year. From rock concerts, blues, dance, to the natives’ favorite shows which is the Virginia opera shows, this performing arts center or theater certainly lives up to its name. It is so hungry for presenting shows that no one could ever imagine how they manage to present that much quantity with such great quality.

The Wolf Trap National Park, named as the country’s first national park for the performing arts, also deals with educating the residents of Virginia and the other states as well.  Aiming to convey the importance of performing arts in VA education to preschoolers mostly believing that at their tender age children can easily adapt into it.

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117 East Main Street, Marion, VA 24354


Superb Lights & Sounds
This is another recognized Virginia Historic Landmark and is also on the records of the National Register of Historic Places. Many shows and events are scheduled in this Virginia opera house of various genres. Shows like that of children’s shows, folk, country, rock, soul, and dance among many others are being lined up here on a daily basis. Be amazed also with what the theater is boasting about, LIGHTS & SOUNDS.  More information regarding their events can be seen on their website provided herewith.

This is not just your ordinary theater as many famous artists have had visited here either as performers or guests. Renowned names like Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Lash LaRue, Randolf Scott, Sunset Carson, Hopalong Cassidy, Tom Mix, The Lone Ranger, Gabbey Hayes, Grandpa Jones, Little Jimmie Dickens, Stringbean, Minnie Pearl, Earnest Tub, Del Wood, Rey Acuff, June Carter Cash, Stanley Brothers, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, were all here.

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61 Graham Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801


One Of A Kind Theater
The Court Square Theater in VA is an opera house, theater house, party house and a dance theater.  Most of the time, the Court Square Theater features local, foreign and independent films. They also provide free popcorn to their movie goers. It has a seating capacity of 250 seats to accommodate its independent film watchers.

The Court Square Theater can also be rented for occasions like birthday parties, wedding parties and other kind of parties one may want to throw!  Ticketing, reservations and prices can be checked out on their provided website. They can also be reached for inquiries on these matters via their email.

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7853 Main Street, Middletown, VA 22645


This opera house or Opera Theater in Virginia has had a lot of kaleidoscopic transformations many years back before it then evolved into an opera house for performing arts in Virginia. From being used as an icehouse, store, tavern house, general store, barber house, stables and even jailhouse, this building thus indeed has a lot of colorful transmutation stories. Until the year 1962, this building was then unfolded into a theater for performing arts in VA.

For over 50 years its continued performances giving ultimate entertainment to its local folks and tourists alike. The management was able to fulfill its mission of providing quality shows thereby enriching the lives of its local community in Virginia.  To see Wayside Theater's list of upcoming performances and opera shows, everything will be in their official website.

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510 Main Street, Clifton Forge, VA 24422


A Century of Love For Operas
For more than a century now, this theater has been a contemporary beholder for the love and passion of Virginians to performing arts or opera shows. Since 1905, The Historic Masonic Theater has held tons of performing arts shows in Virginia. It survived through the century and is a continuing proof of Virginia’s affair with opera shows. Tourists should discover this art of Virginia which has remained strong in this field for many, many years now. The Historic Masonic Theater won’t last and survive that long if the performing arts in Virginia is flimsy.

Just recently, in the year 2011, the Alleghany Foundation donated 1.5 million dollars for the rehabilitation and/or renovation of this theater.  After such feat, this theater just recently received the award from the American-Architects Building in the year 2012.

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