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Special Needs Parties in Virginia

Throwing a party for special needs children isn't that easy. Let us help you make it memorable and fun. Check out our list of special needs parties in Virginia. Birthday parties for special needs children are some of the most endearing parties ever.  Come on and bring your party hat and they will bring the fun. Oh and don't forget the cake!

NoVA, Fairfax, VA 22033


Specially Creative 
The owner, who is fondly called by her peers, clients & friends as Miss Lisa is a degree holder of Music in Education and is also a master in Social Work focusing on children and families.  She has extensive experience working with children with special needs thus she knows how to create activities appropriate for them to help them develop further their physical and mental aspects.  She knows how to do it in an educational yet in a very entertaining way. 

Creative Crescendos carries this legacy and skill of Miss Lisa thus making her satisfied clients or parents come back to her for their children’s birthdays.  Creative Crescendos is one great kid’s party provider for those with special needs.

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The Princess And I Treatment
Fairytale Princess Events is owned and operated by Ms. Heidi Emmer.  She is a master’s degree holder of Social Works and is a child therapist.  She specializes in children with emotional difficulties and she can make programs fun activities for them to help in their motor skills and social skills development.

Ms. Heidi Emmer uses the character of a princess in her entertainment gig for a kid’s party when executing the programs she laid out for those children with special needs. She believes that children can relate and communicate with that princess image easily without any fear or hesitations at all.  Ms. Heidi Emmer will be using this character for as long as her programs for these kids are effective, which really is until now.  The children really treat her as if she is their real own princess in life.

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Jewelry Making Art
A unique alternative celebration for your child’s next birthday is the NJT Designs jewelry making.  More especially for girls, they will learn how to create beautiful accessories and jewelries using plastic beads and embroidering bandanas.  They will get those jewelries, accessories, scarves they personally made by the kids right at the end of the party.  This kind of party activity can be enjoyed by children with special needs too.  Activities like this can improve their overall motor skills.

NJT Designs is owned and operated by Nadia Jean Trammell and Zetta Trammell.  Kindly check their website for booking information and on how to reserve them for your child that has special needs.  Let them entertain such on his or her next kid’s party.

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A Pirate Of Fun
Pirate Magic is one magical pirate show that will make all children at the party participate and have fun altogether.  The show that Pirate Magic will bring to the party will make children crave for more and would make them wish for it not to end.  Pirate Magic knows the magic touch and tickles of the kids’ funny bones as they have been doing this for more than 20 years.  This has got to do with the master planner of the show, the owner himself Mr. Mark Shack.

Mr. Mark Shack has been doing the pirate show since 1992 and more especially has had lots of experiences in working with children with special needs making this a great party place in Virginia.  For sixteen years now, he has got the skills on how to entertain and accommodate kid’s parties with special needs and special requests.  

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In Harmony With The Animals
They use the animal zoo to entertain and make therapeutic effects to those who have special needs like the senior citizens and children with disabilities.  Squeals On Wheels holds a Special Olympics for their clients too.  They are willing to do this Special Olympics for those who need it on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Squeals On Wheels believes that animals bring out acceptance in ourselves, companionship regardless of our state of being.  They believe that animals can mingle with humans regardless of our capacities or disabilities.  Just like what Squeals On Wheels has said, we humans can just be ourselves around these animals.  Go ahead and check their website now for more of their interesting programs, more especially for that of your kid’s party.

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400 Court Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504


Your Special Need For A Party Place
The Celebrating Place can be a very good place to spend your kid’s party.  You can bank on them as they have got the most suited place for any kid out there, including those with special needs.  The Celebrating Place is safe for any kid and even safer for children with special needs.  Any party that will be held here is going to be private in their rooms equipped with Wii, Xbox, and Play Station gaming consoles.  Every kid’s party here is also going to be supervised by their in-house personnel who generally love kids.  So, all in all, you as parents will have nothing to worry in the preparation and the handling of such party.  The Celebrating Place will handle everything for you.

Please check their website to see what is it in their place that makes it fun and safe for everyone.

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1554 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Hairstyle With Fun
Here at Pigtails and Crewcuts they make a haircutting experience for your kids a fun adventure.  This is a place where children can have their pigtails and haircuts beyond just hairstyling or haircutting.  It is like a hair salon animated with fun stuff like movies, video games, toys, books to read, not to mention their uniquely designed parlor chairs.  Their chairs are all designed after an automobile and airplane models.  That is why many of their parents do not see this place just as a hair salon but a party place for children as well.

Pigtails and Crewcuts has a private party room where they can entertain the kids of all personal temperament or capabilities including children with special needs and disabilities.  The place has some birthday party packages that can match all other party places out there.

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Special Pool Party
Planning a birthday party for your child who has special needs for attention and affection can sometimes be rigid.  Most of the time, children with disabilities prefer to be away from pandemonium and stay away from any topsy-turvy in the house.  We also need to consider giving them some enjoyable developmental skills which will help them a lot too!  This is where Sunsational Swim School can help you with that.  Their swimming instructor of your choice from their vast pools, can come to your own pool to teach your child.  They are certified instructors as can be attested on their website and their clients’ testimonials.

With that scenario, you can then throw your child a birthday party, provide a cake and decorate your house with some balloons maybe.  You may invite a few guests, but don’t forget to invite the swim instructor as well.

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1410 Central Park Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Your Special Child Is A Champ In Here
Enroll your child with special needs here to help boost his or her physical abilities and mental coordination with his or her total body.  By boosting overall motor skills through this training center, your child can boost self-confidence and social skills.  The Paragon Training Center will help your child with special needs achieve these and have a blast with their training activities.  

Paragon Training Center also accommodates kids' parties including those with special needs.  They have at least five birthday party packages to accommodate every age category and capability category.  Let your special child be an outstanding example for others by having a blast with these training activities and having a blast with their kid’s party as well.  Kindly check their website for more of info.

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8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax, VA 22031


Special Treatment For Your Special Child
Are you worried about your special needs child?  Thinking about how he /she can further develop his or her physical, mental and social skills?  Believe it or not, there is a lot of organizations out there who understand and are compassionate in providing enhancing programs for kids’ who have special needs.  One of those is the Jewish Community Center.  The Jewish Community Center develops some programs that will cater to children with special needs.  These are programs that will help them in developing their overall motor skills as well as their social ability skills.  

Realizing the needs of your special child, they also can provide birthday parties thru their birthday party packages.  Your child will be a big shot and they will make sure that your child will break new ground like never before.  Enroll your child now and let them also have a blast at their party.

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757 727-1601
3501 Kecoughtan Road, Hampton, VA 23661

Hampton Virginia-special-needs-parties-in-virginia

Enroll In A Program And Then Party Up
Humans are continuously learning to develop or improve themselves both physically and mentally.  The same goes for those with special needs or disabilities, children or adults.  It is very important to have a regular synergy with our environment.  This is not considering our capacities or capabilities maybe.  Here at Hampton Virginia they realize that and grant some programs, camps or classes handled by their professional specialists to train and develop those with special needs.  They have programs like this suited for all ages, from kids to teens up to their adolescence.

Enrolling your child with special needs through these programs can help them a lot.  Once your kid is part of these classes or programs you may then now throw a kids' party where your child’s new found acquaintances in this program will be the guests, including their trainers.

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