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Singing Telegrams for Kids in Virginia

Why send a birthday card when you can send a singing telegram? This year send those birthday kids something they will really get a kick out out. A singing kids telegram will wish them happy birthday in a brand new way. Check out our list of singing telegrams in Virginia. You will be sure to brighten their birthday, even if you can't make it.

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Super Heroes Singing Happy Birthday
One of the most in demand for today’s kid’s birthday parties is the singing telegram.  Here at Heroes For Hire, LLC, they not only sing their heart out to send your birthday message to your love ones but they will do it in style.  Yes, they will sing in style by wearing the costumes you had previously selected when you tagged them in to your party.


 There is a wide selection of costumes that will surely be identifiable and loved by your kids.  From funny characters, super heroes, space heroes, they have it all.  If by chance you can’t find your kid’s favorite character, just tell them and Heroes For Hire might just create one for your kid.

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, Portsmouth, VA


Send In The Clown!
Ms. Kenya is one clown in Virginia who has been around for quite some time now.  She never got tired of making children smile, laugh and happy.  A clown’s job seems too easy to do, but being a clown is not just wearing funny make-ups, funny face, funny costume, but making people, especially the children, laugh is the hardest part of being it.  For one to survive long through test of times is quite a feat already.  A clown for many years now means only her efficiency of making that hardest goal effective, and that is to make you smile.

Ms. Kenya The Clown is making funny antics around Virginia and North Carolina for anyone who wants to wear a smile on their face.  She is most effective with that on kid’s birthday parties.  By the way, have mentioned that she has a wonderful singing voice too?

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, Richmond, VA


Songs & Balloons
One way to send out your birthday wishes to your kid is by a singing telegram.  Whether you are away from your home or in your home, the singing telegram will reach your child and will be appreciated thoroughly by your little angel.  It is a form of reading out your personal message to your child in a chant or in a song.  What is wonderful about this is that it will be delivered by an entertainer wearing a costume or a mascot.  In addition to that, your kid will receive a balloon bouquet of 7 multicolored latex balloons.

This is the job of the First Class Balloons.  They will surely deliver your singing telegram to your kid on his or her birthday while in costume.  They do have a variety of costumes available for you to choose from.  You can check it out from their official website.

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Sing and Party With Superheroes
With a number of their happy and very satisfied clients’ testimonials, Metro Mascots stands out among the other party events providers out there.  Including their very reasonable birthday packages, Metro Mascots will bring your message to their birthday parties.  Metro Mascots will bring with them into your party the music, interactive singing and dancing to their favorite songs, game songs and of course the birthday singing.  Such a great way of thrilling your birthday wishes to your little ones.

Your kids will get to see their superheroes singing, dancing, play with them in action!  They currently have mascots of Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Super Girl, Princess, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, among many others to choose from.  Let your kid experience the same fun, games and excitement that their previous clients had gifted.  There won’t be any reason your child won't have their best time on this party!

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Jon Clark-singing-telegrams-for-kids-in-virginia

Laugh At Me, Please
Jon Clark can be your funny man, your cool guy, your singer, your entertainer or even your laughing stock as he may say it.  He doesn’t care or take it seriously if you laugh at him, because that is how he wants it to be.  Jon Clark wants you to smile, laugh and be happy at his performances or entertainments.  He wouldn’t find it successful if he can’t make you laugh at him.

Jon Clark is a great musician and guitar player which he uses to perform and deliver your singing telegram to your child.  Your engagement with him at your kid’s party will be worth spending your dime and time.

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One Of A Kind Gift
Sending toys, t-shirts, dresses, dolls, shoes is likely more than what’s expected by your child to receive on his birthday.  Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise him with something he has not received yet before?  Something that he could have never imagined and experienced yet on his previous birthdays, is a good idea right?  Well then, how about giving your birthday message in a song?  A birthday wish or message to be sung by an entertainer dressed up in costumes, something your kid would like or familiar with, is a one of a kind gift.  It’s his or her birthday anyways, right?

The International Singing Telegram Company has this kind of service they offer to parents who are thinking of a unique kind of gift for their beloved child.  Please check out their website to know what cool surprises awaits your child on his birthday.

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, Baltimore, MD


Singing Funny Clown
A top-notch performer, a clown who clowns around, literally that is, at your party.  Never will there be a dull moment with Silly Willy when he gets to party around your kid’s party.  Kids and adults will be mesmerized, humored and magnetized with his funny and crazy antics.  Audience participation is one of the activities that vitalize each and every show that he performs at a certain party or gig.

With Silly Willy The Clown at your party, it’s not going to be an all singing party but the clown has got a lot of funny antics for your party as well.  All of his previous clients keep on booking him for the parents loved the way he handled their parties for their kids.

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, Atlanta, GA


Wacky! Wacky!
Now, here’s something that will ultimately wack everybody at your kid’s party.  From their business name itself, The Wacky Schoolers, says it all.  One can have a pretty good idea of what they are offering, a whole lot of wacky kids’ parties!  The group offers not only singing telegrams but they have some other activities to spice up your kid’s next birthday party.

Their singing telegram is way above the normal singing telegram, they will not just sing those birthday messages wonderfully but they will also let your kids join them in singing.  It is also not just going to be a whole lot of singing but they have more for your kids.  They are going to bring out the wackiness in your child.  More activities can be found on their official website.

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A Birthday Worth Chanting
Art and Shan Davis is a Christian couple married for more than 13 years now, both with singing prowess.  They use this God-given talent of theirs in entertaining their local folks and the whole nation who need their entertaining talents.  The couple, Art and Shan Davis offer not just singing telegrams but also praise and worship, wedding singing services and more.  Please check out their official website for more.

Art and Shan Davis await you to deliver their singing prowess to your dear child on his or her birthday.  They are the best singing talent who can deliver your singing telegram to your child, so book them now and let your child be chanted by them. 

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About Eric Everett
No matter how we sing, everybody just loves to sing. This is what Eric Everett firmly believes in, which is absolutely true!  He doesn’t just let the celebrants sing at their party but the whole party guests as well, “the more the merrier”.  Eric Everett can actually lead a group of adults and children in singing different favorite classic songs, anything that is blended to their age and taste for music.

Singing telegrams are just too normal for him yet so outstandingly delivered.  So he brings other activities with him for your kids to truly enjoy on their birthday party.  Do check his websites now for these other activities that he has to offer.

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One Memorable Gift
Singing Telegrams are one unique way of greeting your child with a happy birthday. Couple it up with a bouquet of balloons or flowers maybe; the recipient will truly shed tears of joy and happiness!  Wouldn’t you want your kids, or anyone you love so dearly, to receive such a surprise gift like this from you?  Hugabug Family Entertainment definitely has this kind of service they have been doing throughout the years and throughout the US.

Hugabug Family Entertainment will tickle every funny bone in you as well with their funny performances.  Once your child or love ones get this singing telegram from you, there is no way that they will not hug and kiss you for that.  They will treasure this in their memory for a lifetime.

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, Northern Virginia, VA


Bubbly Party!
Amanda Wisley is the owner and founder of the entertainment business called Bubbles Productions.  Amanda Wisley was fondly called by those who have known her as Bubbles because of her personality, character of being always bubbly.  She then got an idea to have her business named after that.  Her costume hobbies started actually during her school days of which she was so active in participating school events like that of fundraising campaigns in exchange for some entertaining performances wearing different costumes.  Today, she is a professional entertainer providing fun, excitement and bubbly activities to anyone who wants to experience it on their kid’s birthday parties.

Her business has got pool of talents providing variety shows and performances to any given party, especially for kids.  They got singing talents who can deliver your singing telegrams to the celebrant. 

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Virginia, , VA


Sing & Act Randomly
Random Acts is not just your ordinary bunch of singing telegrams around.  Fortuitous scene of acts, games, scenarios and other events will be scripted according to your taste.  So, radically, they also offer some random acts for the kids’ party.  Instead of just singing out your birthday message to your child who will knock him and the whole party out of their seats, Random Acts will infuse these games, plays, different scenarios that would surely enliven the party.

Their production numbers are not just for kids but for all ages as well.  They will design those scripts accordingly and customary.  There is no need on your part to rehearse or meeting with them.  Everything will be orchestrated by them and you’ve got to do is to watch, enjoy and participate if you want to.  So, hurry up now, book your kid’s birthday party with them.

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4681 Yadkinville Road, Pfafftown, NC 27040


The Business Which Knows Its Business
First Flight Entertainment goal or mission is to provide splendid entertainment and deliver not just the entertainment but the smiles for every party or event and their audiences from all over the country.  What they do here is they want to know what you have in mind for your kid’s party or any event then they will customize such entertainment together with their singing telegram performance for the celebrant.

First Flight Entertainment by husband and wife Erinn & Nelson Diaz, who are both very passionate for entertainment, they know the world of entertainment for they are both entertainers in their respective field.  With their combined talents and skills in entertaining people, First Flight Entertainment definitely knows its business.

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757-424 - 0808
, , VA


One Magical Moment
One complete entertainment for all parties or celebrations you might have, more especially for a kids’ party.  They are here and ready to serve all the folks living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  From their magical shows, costumed characters, singing telegrams, moonwalks or inflatables, and some DJ or music events, A Magic Moment will provide them all for your upcoming party!  

Singing telegrams for a kids’ party is just one of their strong points, and they can deliver your birthday messages the way you want it to be.  They can definitely do this and put up some additional performances.  Additional performances include wearing costumes and customizable lyrics, with your personal message in it, aside from the main birthday song.  Give them a try now!

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