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Puppet Theaters in VA

Finding a puppet theater in VA should not be a difficult task. Check out the guide we have prepared to the best places to see a Virginia  puppet theater show. Why spend hours searching the internet when you can look through our list instead?


18 Easthill Court, Hampton, VA 23664


Slide Down the Rainbow to Meet With the Puppets
Come and listen to original, fun-filled, captivating stories and hang out with the Rainbow Puppets in VA. The dinosaurs are back and they are eagerly awaiting your company. The children's musical and other programs are designed to motivate, inspire, cultivate and build good personal characteristics.

Plan to attend the yearly puppet festival which has been described as a truly unforgettable experience. Puppet theater productions, workshops and educational programs are also available at this VA company.  If there is one place the entire family can really have a fun time, it is at the Rainbow Puppet Production in VA!

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P.O. Box 26366, Richmond, VA 23260


Puppet Makers and Puppet Presenters
Barefoot Puppets was started by Heidi Rugg creating puppets along with other puppet makers particularly with Barry Gordemer of Handemonium Puppets.  Since 1997 she has been doing puppet shows and has continued to grow with additional puppet performers and greater shows.  Barefoot Puppets have been performing for different venues like schools, children’s museums & theaters, libraries and wherever there is a group who want their entertainment.

For entertainment in your schools, theaters, parks or in your house parties, Barefoot Puppets can walk down to perform and do their puppet shows.  Kindly check out their website stated here for the available shows you can select on to watch or for them to perform for you.

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2965 Palmer Street, Oakton, VA 22124-2641


They Are Everywhere For Everyone
Bob Brown Puppets has got a lot of shows to present each time of the year, from symphony orchestra productions, classic series, storybook series, variety shows and even at your birthday party they can definitely bring their puppets to perform.  For more than fifty years now, Bob Brown Puppets have continuously embellished the hears and imaginations of the kids.  Right now, those kids who were once touched by Bob Brown Puppets through their puppet shows have been tapping them in to their company or community events for their shows.  So they are still playing for those children thirty five years ago.

Look further no more for Bob Brown Puppets knows how to present one wonderful, unforgettable and touching puppet show for any of your functions.  They mostly perform at Wolf Trap and Fairfax County Parks.  Please check their website for their schedule of puppet theater shows.

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123 North Lincoln Avenue, Sterling, VA 20164


The Puppeteer For 25 Years
Susan Wall is the master puppeteer behind the great delighting puppet shows for children and whole families.  She has been doing this for more than 25 years now, bringing with her vibrant hand puppets, fun music and a whole lot of interactive shows with their audience.  Carousel Puppets is a puppet theater show that is readily available to serve all kinds of occasions, more especially for kids out there at places like pre-schools, elementary schools, parks, special holidays, in malls, corporate events and even your kid’s birthday parties!

Carousel Puppets also holds puppet making workshops for all ages.  You can see from their website the actual pictures of the puppets they use for their shows and what they produce or make from their puppet making workshops.

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4212 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, VA 22030


A Family Owned Puppet Show Presenter
Kaydee Puppets was started out by sisters Kay and Dee way back in 1972.  Kay then moved to Culpeper after 25 years, making Chuck the husband of Dee the partner now in the business.  Since then the husband and wife tandem puppeteers have been travelling throughout Virginia to entertain their audience with their masterfully crafted puppets.  They perform these puppet shows for children at nursery schools and daycares, birthday parties and at the schools’ libraries.


Kaydee Puppets, with the owners and their puppeteers, have been doing puppet theater shows for more than half of their lives now! Their daughter Chelsea now joins them making it a real fun family business.  They really love performing the puppet shows for children to share the fun-tales and short stories through these puppets.

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1551 Trap Road, Vienna, VA 22182


Refreshingly Cool Puppet Theater
If you are looking for one theater in Virginia where they most of the time present some puppet shows, Wolf Trap is the perfect find. Wolf Trap has now provided one venue for the whole family where they can watch live performances, the well-loved Children’s Theater-in-the-Woods.  It is one spectacular and refreshing theater because it is situated right in the middle of Wolf Trap acres of trees.  In spite of that, the stage is set with many shades of trees and plants.  It is a very convenient and refreshing place to watch with the whole family.

Wolf Trap Children’s Theater-in-the-Woods has at least 70 upcoming family shows from June up to the month of August.  From music & dance, puppet shows, puppet storytelling, this one refreshing puppet theater can definitely make the whole family entertained! 

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777 Lynn Street, Herndon, VA 20170


An Entertainment Of Puppets & Shows
Still looking for an entertainment show where there are some live performance art shows?  Are you still scrutinizing the web for any possible puppet theaters where your child and your family can enjoy this weekend?  You are just right on the spot and just right about on time. The Herndon Festival has their complete line-ups of performances, music and dance, and a variety of shows including the puppet shows for children and the whole family.  Herndon Festival does this every year.  Please check their website for the scheduled plays and programs that are going on now.  Hurry before it’s too late!

If in case you won’t be in time for the said date range, Herndon Festival still has upcoming shows which they do regularly.  

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, , VA


Very Good Puppet Shows
The Goodlife Theater could be one of the busiest puppeteers in Virginia right now.  They have been performing everywhere from Virginia to DC and even in Hawaii.  The puppet theaters that they can be seen most of the time are the Wolf Trap, Maui Arts & Culture Center, The Kennedy Center and The National Museum of Women in the Arts.  Not to mention their sponsored puppet shows held in different schools, parks, and other family occasions or celebrations.  The Goodlife Theater is primarily of two primary puppeteers, Mr. Joe Pipik and Ms. Jeanne Wall.  The two were both artists from Wolf Trap’s Early Learning Institute.

Goodlife Theater has consistent upcoming free shows for everyone to enjoy.  The puppet theaters or venues that they will be performing the puppet shows can be seen on their website, they are open for public, for free!  Check it out!

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+1 434-979-7151
201 East Market Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902


Free Entertainment
Talk about free entertainment, it has to be here!  The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library brings out monthly scheduled sponsored shows and events in their place.  You just need to check the schedules on their website for updates.

Jefferson-Madison Regional Library continues to serve its region not just for their public library but evenly serves as a puppet theater as well.  One very good venue for the presenters of puppet shows in the region of Virginia is this historical library.  With the sponsorship of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, the public can freely watch these puppet shows and other kinds of performances in this puppet theater for free.  Get updates of their monthly shows from their website or you may just bookmark them for future access.

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703-437-9101 / 703-324-7329
2709 West Ox Road, Herndon, VA 20171


Puppet Shows At The Park
You’ve got to see this place for its diverse parks encompassing it.  The diversity and its variance can really make you feel relaxed.  Added into it are the musical shows from jazz, rock, classical and other types of music.  If you will also be looking for puppet theater, the Fairfax County Virginia has those, for FREE!  Absolutely free for everyone to watch and enjoy!  These puppet shows they present here are being sponsored by big companies and the municipal town itself.  You might also get to catch their big outdoor screen where you can watch classic movies right from the comfort of your car.

There are a lot of attractions for the whole family to enjoy in this beautiful collection of parks at Fairfax County Virginia.  Your whole day spent here will be worth your weekend or any day out.

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1001 North Laburnum Avenue, Henrico, VA 23223


Puppet Shows In The Library
There is this one public library in Virginia where they showcase talents of performers of various arts.  It is a sure great find for those who are seeking good family entertainment in Virginia.  The Henrico County Public Library offers their place as a puppet theater for most of its shows.  It is in their library’s different function rooms where they hold every show or event that they have each month of the year in here.  


Overall, this library does not only serve the seniors for their research or any other library services they can take advantage of but for good quality entertainment for their families as well, like those of the puppet shows.

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1 Waterside DrIVE, Norfolk, VA 23510


A Festival Of Shows And Events In Norfolk
When you stroll downtown of Norfolk Virginia and further down to Town Pointe Park you will be surprised with the festivities going on in there.  Huge celebration for the different arts and the appreciation of the beauty wonders of nature.  The Town Point Park holds all year round their so-called Festevents.  So when you have heard of Festevents, it refers to that place.  In the homepage of their website, you just need to check their upcoming events section and there you go, you will be surprised and invited to their spectacular line up of shows for the whole family!

Check out their upcoming puppet shows production. A lot more shows are being presented in their various puppet theaters which can be seen in their upcoming events section of their website.

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200 Hubbard Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23185


2013 Best Performing Arts
Williamsburg Players is one puppet theater in Virginia that holds many puppet shows all year round.  Williamsburg Players currently holds the award for the best performing arts by the Hampton Roads Magazine.  For the month of June they will be presenting The Really Big Dinosaur Show by the Rainbow Productions which is best viewed by ages grade k-5.  


The admission fee will just be $7.  If in case you’ve missed this, you don’t have to worry for they always have got something to show, you just need to check those things out from their official website stated herein.  

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P.O. Box 8804 , Norfolk, VA 23503


Stuff It Up With Puppets
Call it a day for searching puppeteers in Virginia for the find is over and the Fuzz and Stuffing Puppets is here to stuff your event or any special occasion with their puppet shows.  Owners Craig Adams and Debra Burrell have been producing educational puppet shows of which they mostly use the Japanese Bunraku style of puppetry.  Fuzz and Stuffing Puppets is one legit puppeteer that performs in some puppet theaters in Virginia, specifically at the Children’s Museum of Virginia.  They are an official member of the Southeastern Virginia Puppetry Guild.  The two owners have received numerous awards respectively from different recognized institutions in America.

So when you are in need of puppet show kind of entertainment, cash it in on their expertise.

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221 High Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704


Museums As Puppet Theaters
Here at the Children’s Museum of Virginia, most of the time they provide puppet show entertainment by various puppeteers in Virginia.  You can regularly check their website for any upcoming puppet shows and at what puppet theaters they are holding such. The Children’s Museum of Virginia has three related sub categories, namely the Lightship Portsmouth Museum, the Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum.  Each one of these occasionally provides quality puppet shows and use their respective museums as their puppet theaters.

Please visit their website for more of their upcoming events including those of any puppet shows.  You may also check these three branches or sub categories of Children’s Museum of Virginia from the same website.

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101 South First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454


Wide Range of Entertainment
They don’t cramp down on their own style of providing entertainment to any parties or events.  They call their puppetry service as Spectrum Entertainment because it represents their full service type of entertainment.  Meaning they are not just limited to providing puppet shows for everyone who needs that or any puppet theaters out there, but they also provide all sorts of entertainment for any party or event.  Entertainment like those of face painting, juggling, magic, balloon art, music and dance shows of all genres are what they can also provide.

As colorfully outstretched as their name so as their type of services for entertainment, the Spectrum Entertainment will be there to fill up your party or event with wide entertainment no matter how large or small your party or event is.  

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