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Public Art in VA

If you are looking for mass displays of art in public places, you'll love our full list of art in VA. We list some of the best sculptures, unorthodox public art, and outdoor paintings. These are truly some of the most unique art locations Virginia has to offer.

1100 North Glebe Road Suite 1500, Arlington, VA 22201


Visit all the Different Outdoor Art Locations

If you are looking for some unique art spots in the greater Arlington area, Arlington Arts is your go-to start. Their website has a complete list of different outdoor locations to visit to take in some unique public art. In addition, their website lists all the different events that are taking place, and for how long they will be around in the area. They will also show you any past events so you can plan accordingly for next year.

Arlington Arts has many free events and rarely charges any fee to attend as they are generally in a public location. Plan a day trip around seeing their many different locations today!

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5722 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22207


The Awakening Beauty of Pottery, Ceramics and Printmaking
Drop by the Lee Arts Center for exhibitions in ceramics, pottery and printmaking in VA. You will be transported into another world as you walk along the 25 foot specially lit hallway designed to bring alive two and three dimensional art pieces. Meet with In-house artists or use the open studio facilities. Whether you are an artist, a connoisseur,  or just looking for fun things to do,  this is truly an experience you do not want to miss.

Open studio facilities such as space and equipment are available for established artists who do not have their own set up. These artists are left to manage their own affairs but must use the facilities in a responsible manner. Among other things, Resident Artists are available to share information, provide advice and host workshops. Visit this VA public art location today!

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, Charleston, VA 25300


Creativity and Style in Charleston
Discover the amazing ways artists represent creativity and style through Public Art Charleston in VA. One of the best places to visit in Virginia, revel in the unique and unforgettable art pieces as you tour through the Downtown, East End, West Side, and South Hills.

Feast your eyes on the playful sculpture of the Festival Delle Arti, the monumental Hallelujah sculpture, the intriguing Labac, the Charleston Arch optical illusion sculpture, and the notable Russian artist’s allegorical sculpture – Man Wrests from the Earth. Be sure to visit this VA public art!

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P.O. Box 1029 , Charleston, WV 25324


Celebrating Diverse Art
Promoting Kanawha Valley’s diverse arts community, the Arts Council of Kanawha Valley (ACKV) provides insightful and significant news and information on the arts. Enhancing the quality of life through the Arts is ACKV’s main goal.

When visiting this VA Public Art venue, get fascinated with brilliant architecture, wonderfully-crafted banners, eye-catching street art, sculptures, and murals. Artists everywhere can also perform and display their work and masterpieces while organizers can plan and hold art festivals and events here.

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One Clay Square , Charleston, WV 25301


Enhance the Artist in You
They inspire learning, creativity and wonder via experiences in the Arts and Sciences. This is for all people of Virginia and the rest of the world. This is what Clay Center aims for. 

The Clay Center is influential in the vitality of West Virginia’s progressive and thriving economy. Businesses are rising, tourism is flourishing, creative and talented citizens are bringing national recognition to the state. The Center’s programs encourages educational achievement and intellectual capacity and promote the arts and sciences as an integral part of life. Check out this VA public art location now!

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11255 , Charleston, WV 25309


Discover the vastness of public art in the East End!
Explore one of the oldest and diverse neighborhoods and business districts in Charleston, the East End is an eclectic community with a funky, urban style. Over the past ten years, the East End has experienced a complete resurgence, with over 25 new businesses opening and finding success and many economic and community development projects that have created a true destination in the city of Charleston.

Whether you’re visiting town for a weekend or lucky enough to make your home on the East End, there are many landmarks and hotspots to visit. Don't forget to check out this VA public art spot.

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+1 757-664-6880
208 East Main Street , Norfolk , VA 23510


A Rich Art Environment! 

Founded in 2006, the Norfolk Cultural Affairs aims to create an awesome, diverse environment that will reflect, rejoice and invite all to experience the arts. They seek to give appearance to their community and strive to unite, energize, prompt dialogue, and inspire the unique character of Norfolk.

For each public art project, a planning committee is established that is made up of representatives of the community of VA, the Public Art Commission, a user department representative, the project architect and/or landscape architect and an art professional.

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120 Old Hampton Lane, Hampton, VA 23669


Hall of Public Arts
A group dedicated to Hampton citizens from various professions decide which art work will be displayed. A gallery alongside the Hampton Roads Convention rejoices the art vision of Coastal Virginia's magnificent artists.

Works featured at the HRCC can also be purchased, with one catch: that any artwork that is purchased must be allowed to be displayed in the building for the duration of six months until the exhibit ends. Exceptions may be arranged. Interested people are encouraged to reach the artists directly for details on these Virginia public art treasures.

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2 Loudoun Street, SE Leesburg, VA 20175


A Shop to Visit at Leesburg!
If you visit this place, you will drop your jaw looking at their magnificent galleries. Viewing schedule is on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.

In the heart of historic Leesburg, Virginia lies a well-established art dealer and public art location, offering a very large selection of genuine paintings, prints that are in limited edition, antique prints, engravings and etchings, also customized frames.

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P.O. Box 4270, Leesburg, VA 20176


Art in Leesburg
Loudoun Arts Council was created for everyone who fascinates about the art and culture in the community. Volunteers that give passion to the arts are what make up their Board of Directors aiming for a positive journey to the most vibrant art scenes, particularly in Loudoun. They also welcome new members.

The Loudoun Arts Council would not surface without the support of their passionate members, people who advocate, support and pledge to continue the works of art and nourish the arts community of Loudoun County. Make sure you visit this public art location when you are in VA.

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132 North Sycamore Street, Petersburg, VA 23803


Public Art You Will Appreciate in Petersburg, VA
The Petersburg Regional Art Center or PRAC in Old Town Petersburg opened and had its first show on the 18th of July, 2013. The All Media Show is being held in a large gallery every month. The place also has 85 art studios, and a wonderful Mezzanine Gallery where an average of 6 artist shows are being held monthly.

They are open from 10 AM until 4 PM from Wednesday through Saturday and also cater to appointments. They are also open on the second Friday of every month, up until 10 in the evening. 

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, Virginia Beach, VA


Art in Percussion
Virginia Beach's drum heads would be delighted to know that there are drum circle meet ups within their area. If you're not from the area and are planning to drop by, you should check out their website to know where the circles are beating. Drum Your Dream facilitates drum circles for community events, school events, nonprofit events, street parties, and pretty much everything that needs drum beats!

This is the right place to share your insights on rhythms together with the folks that think like you, different ages, size, levels, and whatever it is that adheres to hand drumming. Indoor and outdoor circles of magnificent drum beats hail from this public art from Richmond to Virginia Beach. 

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1 Waterside Drive #248, Norfolk, VA 23510


Amazing ships of the American Past!
The Hampton Roads Naval Museum showcases many of the marine and naval artifacts of the 237 years of naval history in the Hampton Roads area. With free admission, the museum is open daily from 10a.m to 5p.m.

The museum’s permanent exhibits include material on the Battle of the Chesapeake (1781), the American Civil War in Hampton Roads, the Great White Fleet, WWII and the Cold War. Also along with all these, there is much more to explore including weaponry and ships used by the navy in the past. 

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245 West Olney Road, Norfolk, Virginia 23510


See All the Arts!

See all the ancient and historical arts of ancient times. With all these cool arts and much more, the Chrysler Museum of Arts in Virginia is a great place to see and learn about arts. It is open Wednesday to Saturday from 10a.m to 9p.m and Sunday from 12p.m to 5p.m.


This arts museum showcases some of the most unique arts worldwide. With the addition of more spaces to add more of the amazing and fascinating arts, this museum will reopen in April 2014. Visit the place and have a great time.

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2401 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


History of the Marine!
The Old Coast Guard Station Museum in Virginia honors and preserves the history of Virginia's coastal communities and maritime heritage. With two galleries, the museum displays the shipwrecks and coast guard services of history. It is open 10a.m - 5p.m from Monday through Saturday and 12p.m - 5p.m on Sundays with a fee of $4.00 for adults, $2.00 for children (6-17) and $3.00 for seniors and military members.

It houses a collection of 1,800 artifacts and over 1,000 photographic images of the United States Life-Saving and Coast Guard Services, and the resort community of Virginia Beach. There is also an on-site research library containing books, papers and oral histories. With all the exhibits and many more programs, a trip to the Old Coast Guard Station Museum in VA will sure be a delightful one.

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1341 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23457


Planes of War!
The Military Aviation Museum in Virginia is home to one of the world's largest collections of war-birds in flying condition. The museum has one of the largest private collections of war planes from both WWI and WWII. It is open every day from 9a.m to 5p.m with a fee of $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children (6-17) and $9.00 for seniors.

It has a collection of over 60 vintage planes, the museum and two hangers for display. Also the planes are restored to flying condition and are eligible for flying. The experience of vintage flight and seeing the war-birds is sure to inspire all.

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