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Mommy and Me Parties

Childhood is such a magical time. Why not celebrate it with a mommy and me party? Check out our list of mommy and me parties in Virginia. These fun, quirky, whimsical, parties are sure to delight all your little guests. You don't have to have a mommy and me birthday, you can just throw a party. Or do both!

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Parents & Children Learn & Party Place
Many parents struggle hard to find a perfect place where they can both have fun and learn. Having fun can be done anywhere, like playing in the parks, inside the house, at the malls, etc.  While the learning process can be acquired by reading books, at school, museums, etc. here Romp N’ Roll has that idea in their place; they combine a perfect place for playing while learning.  Most suited both for parents and their kids.

With that idea or concept, Romp N’ Roll is the perfect place to celebrate a kid’s party with their moms or dads or both of them.  This can be a very good meet-up place for those in VA that have mommy & me activities, where both can enjoy spending the parties, where dads can come too! 

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8932 Quioccasin Road, Richmond, VA 23229


The Core of Mommy & Me Bonding Party
Core is a place both for moms and kids, even for dads who want to go to gymnastics.  The owner of Core, Cora Pedrazzi, has extensive experience and knowledge in educating both children and adults in gymnastics at all levels of their abilities.  She is a graduate of B.S. Kinesiology and is a physical consultant for more than 20 years now.

Core offers its place for Mommy & Me parties which can be a physically enhancing experience for both.  They have designed birthday packages of which you can either do your party in their place or at your place.  Kindly check out what they have got stored for your planned mommy & me party in their website and reserve now.

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, Alexandria, VA


Stay At Home Mom Parties
New Mommy Talk is a group dedicated solely for stay at home moms who share mutual interests, likes, benefits and advantages. This is a group of moms where anybody within Virginia can join and have fun with other moms and their kids.  They most of the time set some meet ups nearby the area of Virginia to have chit-chat, coffee talk, story time with others or book swapping and even party at other kid’s birthday parties.

By being part of this mommy and me group, moms can celebrate their kid’s party in a certain meet up place or in their homes then invite the members of the group to the party.  This build’s social life of stay at home moms with fellow moms and their kids too! Dads can come and celebrate too!

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, Richmond, VA


Mommy & Me Group In Richmond 
Are you a mom who is currently located in Richmond Virginia or in its vicinity?  Are you looking for a group of women, specifically for moms, within your area that can share some ideas, tips and have some fun together as moms?  Do you want to get some help or tips on where to party up the mommy and me birthday celebration of your kid?  Or, do you simply want to have and gather some more friends while still being a mom for your kids?

The Richmond Mom is a mommy and me group that you are looking for which can make your being mom a productive and meritorious one.  Joining this group is so easy and they will be happy to welcome you to their group with other moms who share the same viewpoint.  Visit their website now to learn how to join.

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, Arlington & Alexandria, VA


Stride For Fit Moms
The Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, PLUM Mom’s Club and more are upcoming classes & events for Fit4Mom.  Those are the current classes and events that Fit4Mom has for moms in Virginia.  The goal here is to maintain and improve more on their health condition, especially during and after the stage of their pregnancies.  It is an organized group of moms in Virginia who hold such programs amongst themselves creating some fun activities for them and their babies.

This Virginia mommy and me group can also organize a party for you.  Or, you can just simply throw a party for your kid then invite those who want to come and celebrate that special occasion of yours.  Kindly visit their website to know the process of joining.

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308 Hanover Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Together In Music
Music is just everywhere!  Music can set our daily moods, it can even turn your bad moods into a good one.  Music has been in every individual from the time we are born. Yes, even babies and new borns can appreciate music.  Babies can dance or even sing when they hear music. Music simply fills up our lives.

This place, Music Together VIVO, has that vision for parents and their kids. Music Together encourages every parent to get involved with this kind of activity with their child, especially for moms who are looking for some place where they can enhance the hidden talents and skill their kids have.  This is a very good mommy and me group where both moms and children will truly enjoy and benefit from it.

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1-877-4-GYMWEB / 1-877-449-6932
14130 Noblewood Plaza, Woodbridge, VA 22193


Physical And Musical Development
Gymboree encourages everyone to let their child get enrolled with their classes which will enhance and nurture their physicality, sociability, get physically and emotionally tuned, and improve the melodies built in them.  This is not just for kids because the parents, especially the moms, can join their child in these classes if they opt to.  Dads can absolutely join them too!

Gymboree can be a very good mommy and me group for moms. Once in this group, not only you will get to have more friends who are into the same intent, but your child as well will get to develop physically, emotionally, interactive, music and sociability. Please hurry up, visit their website now for they offer a no-fee membership.  

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4467 Market Commons Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033


Bilingual Moms And Kids
Children at their young age can easily learn something that is being fed into them.  Their brains at this stage are encyclopedic, open for new information and skills that will be taught, coached or directed onto them.  You, as their parents, would like to educate them a one of a kind knowledge and skill that is very rare nowadays.  That is the capacity of being bilingual.  Learning another foreign language can be beneficial not only during their early age but they can convey this to their adolescence.  Something that will give them some advantage in many forms of their future endeavors in life.

Language Stars is a mommy and me institution for this intendment.  Both, moms and kids, will learn foreign language of their choice along with other moms and kids.  You can even invite them for your kid’s party, once you belong here.

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25031 Riding Plaza, Chantilly, VA 20152


Moms, Dads, Kids, Jam!
Do you want to meet other music lovers in Virginia?  Whether they are professionals, amateurs or just simply into playing music, this is the coolest place for you to meet them.  Just like in sports, finding people who are into music enhances more of your talent thus creating recognition among your peers that could lead to a lasting friendship.  The Bach To Rock is a place not just for moms, but certainly dads and kids can participate and join the group to be a member of collective musicians.

Kindly check their website now; you will also learn how to join them in Virginia where they also hold some partying events both for parents and the kids.  The best place in Virginia for mommy and me parties where dads can jam too!

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11621 Robious Road, Midlothian, VA 23113


Active & Healthy Bustle
Moms and dads can get enrolled in ACAC’s fitness programs while their children are having fun in their Kids Zone along with fellow children.  For parents, they can have access to hundreds of treadmills in their fitness rooms, also their aquatic or pool facilities and even their racquets and tennis courts.  More especially for those moms who are merely staying at their homes and looking for some dynamic activities while their hubbies are at work, they can bring their children and have them enrolled also in any of their fitness and fun classes.  This is an exceptional liveliness both for mommies and kids.

Needless to say, ACAC can be a very good venue for a mommy and me party in VA.  It is such a very good, fun and energetic kid’s party anybody can compass here.  Do check their website for their programs and classes.

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21800 Town Center Plaza, Sterling, VA 20164


Hurry, Pother!
By being awarded as the best mommy and me place in America and also being voted as the most outstanding swimming school in America for the past ten years, Kids First Swim School in VA can be the best place for any mommy and me kid’s party. Get enrolled in this swimming school in Virginia to rule out the unhealthy lifestyle and body in you.  Don’t just dream of getting a fit body by just wishing or uttering the plans.  It is much better to do it in action because it is the action that speaks louder than words.

Whenever you plan of anything or something, always be with the best and do your best!

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2113 Rydale Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Sweet Pea Spa Parties-mommy-and-me-parties-va

Pamper Your Party!
Invite your comrades, fellow moms, moms of your child’s friends or classmates, your own friends and relatives to your one special mommy and me party for your kid’s party!  The idea here is to enjoy the relaxing spa services and personal beautification of your physical look.  Dads can come too, if they want to, haha!

Sweet Pea Spa Services has this kind of their birthday packages.  Sweet Pea Spa Parties is a mobile spa service that strolls around Virginia to let the locals experience their unique and gorgeous regale service.  Get pampered by them at your preferred location for you to discover their travelling business.

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42395 Ryan Road, Ashburn, VA 20148


Make Her A Ballerina
Your cute little baby girl is now running and jumping!  She also seems to be a fan of ballet dancing and ballerinas that she watches on TV!  She seems to like it so much that she tends to imitate the way they gracefully dance, move and shake with the music being played along.  Then if that is so, why not let your precious little baby girl get on the bandwagon and learn the steps in this Bella Ballerina school.

Bella Ballerina promotes the participation of moms in their programs for little girls from the age of 18 months to 2 and a half years old.  The reason is that this range of age for kids can sometimes be uncontrollable that only their moms can.  So this can be a mommy and me activity where you can find other moms who share the same interests for their kids.

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, , VA


Troupes of Moms
If you’re a mom who seeks friends like other moms in your area who can give you advice, tips on where to relax or chit-chat, point you to the best doctor or dentist for your kid or even a group or celebrate together for your kid’s party, then this is the perfect mommy and me place in Northern Virginia that you are looking for.


 The Joy Troupe NOVA is a group of moms in Virginia who find common interests to talk about.  It is a mommy and me group where they can suggest good party venues or meet-ups for your kid’s party.  In their website, you can find all their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly activities wherein you can participate, have fun and mingle.  This is a group of moms who are more concerned for their babies or kid’s welfare aside from just having fun activities.

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, Harrisonburg, VA


Virginia’s Christian Moms
From the name Christian Playtime, one can easily determine what type of mommy and me group this is.  Yes, they are a group of Christian moms who grouped together to find some camaraderie, have fun together, share ideas for the welfare of both moms and their babies or kids.  The group may be a Christian moms’ group but they do accept anyone in Virginia who wants to join in.  They do not discriminate nor judge regardless of your denomination, belief or situation, they will earnestly welcome you to the group.

In this group you will find many types of activities that they do most often, their so-called Playdates, Mom’s Night Out & Family Outings.  This group can be a very good mommy and me kid’s party in Virginia, wherein they can help you out in finding one good party venue for your kid’s party too.

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