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Gardens & Arboretums in VA

Get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life by taking refuge in peaceful gardens and arboretums in VA. Experience the beauty of nature when you visit these VA gardens and arboretums and enjoy the flowers, trees and exotic plants on display there. These are great places to spend a sunny day outdoors.

11407 Constitution Highway, Montpelier Station, VA 22957


Ornate Nature
A resplendent garden-walk, splendid walk in the woods of a 200 acre landmark forest, be captivated and relax in the soothing view of its foothills, summer camps, horse battleship and horse-drawn wagon rides, have a visit to George Gilmore’s Cabin house then grandiosely enter the mansion of the Madisons…and in the midst of these, take a break and have a cup of tea with the First Lady herself Dolly Madison.

These all are what’s stored for you, waiting for you to be discovered in these 2,650 acres of gardens and arboretums in VA, The Montpelier. With its new president, Kat Imhoff, the management has not just restored but sustained, developed and preserved all the beaming wonders and creations of nature.

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603 Hudgins Street, Chase City, VA 23924


A Very Good Garden Concept

This used to be the home of the former Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. The beautifully landscaped gardens of MacCallum More Museum & Gardens were started by his wife Mrs. Lucy Morton Hudgins, and were later expanded by his son Commander William Henry Hudgins.  


Refreshing garden sceneries, fountains, and statues surrounded by walls were all designed after the 18th & 19th century motif.  With those beautiful flowers, arboretums, plants and other ornamental plants, these gardens and arboretums in VA houses a museum too. Their museum displays Indian artifacts like that of tools and weapons of the early American natives. Indeed, this place can be a venue for a garden wedding concept. Aside from their wedding events & receptions, it holds special events, without neglecting the need of its visitors & guests for some souvenir items that can be bought from their gift shop.

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1 Busch Gardens Boulevard, Williamsburg, VA 23187


Nature’s Theme Park 
Trying to check out some Gardens and Arboretums in Virginia?  Busch Gardens is such a great find for those who are seeking fun, adventure and nature trips for their family. When in Virginia, this is the place that a family must consider for their vacation.

This is the ultimate beauty of nature being displayed at its best, wherein the whole family will be guided for three to four hours of walk in the grandeur of this natural garden’s beauty. It is infused with rides and roller coasters, shows, concerts, musical/theatrical events, attractions for the kids and their tour packages guided by their friendly and hospitable tour guides. The guests will also be given a CD souvenir with their pictures of the day they spent at this memorable theme park in Virginia. For more info on Busch Gardens in VA, please check out their website.

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2050 James Monroe Parkway, Charlottesville, VA 22902


Historical Home of President James Monroe
This place is actually located in Central Virginia and used to be the home of the fifth president of the United States James Monroe.  Ash-Lawn Highland was occupied by then President Monroe together with his wife and kids in 1799.

The picture that you see is the actual image of the house when the Monroe’s lived there.  It was just reconstructed using and basing it from a 1908 photograph, re-built and restored into its original settings complete with the farm settings or atmosphere.
Aside from its farm atmosphere or ambiance, tourists can experience some events which are annually held here. Events like operas, plantation days, wine festivals and of course the Christmas festivities. Definitely tourists can get some souvenirs that they can buy through the Ash-Lawn Highland's gift shop for its memorabilia. Check out this Virginia garden and arboretum.

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931 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Charlottesville, VA 22902


The Monticello House of T. Jefferson
This was personally designed by the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. The house itself is located on top of the Southwest Mountains with a height of 850 feet. It was actually a plantation when Thomas Jefferson inherited the said land from his father. Since then, Thomas Jefferson decided to start building the Monticello house with most of its designs his idea.

Right now, one can be amazed with its abundance and varieties of gardens that has grown over the years. Its garden consists of three main plantations, the garden of flowers, the garden of fruits and the garden of vegetables. One would not believe the massive varieties of these ornamental, fruits and veggies they can find at this VA garden and arboretum.  Name it Monticello, has it here. Right now, Monticello has been considered as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. 

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400 Ray C. Hunt Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22902


Big University with Big Landscaping
The University of Virginia, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson.  The same man who owns and built another world heritage site and that is the Monticello.  

This university with vast degrees or courses to offer is surrounded by hundreds of acres of farms and gardens and is very well-known for its majestic Rotunda. The Rotunda can be visited by tourists daily at 10a.m., 11a.m., 2p.m., 3p.m. and 4p.m.  A request from the University Guide Service is required for those who will be coming in large groups like that of 15 or more, while smaller groups will not be required. Make sure you visit this garden and arboretum in VA.

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780 University Boulevard, Harrisonburg, VA 22807


In This Kaleidoscope World
Virginia is eco-rich with natural, beautiful landscapes, overflowing with varieties of flowers, plants and trees.  It is so lavish everywhere in Virginia that no one could ever imagine its exuberancy.  One might just say that this could be the only land where this blooming gardens and arboretums can grow.  That is how rich and abundant Virginia is with these natural beauties and attractions.

With the jazzy colors of its landscapes brought upon by the kaleidoscopic flowers, plants and trees, visitors will surely enjoy them.  They can find refuge from these gardens, especially right here in Edith J. Carrier Arboretum & Botanical Gardens at James Madison University.  Tourists have got to see this as this place is highly recommendable for a tour.

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963 Ross Road, Lexington, VA 24450


Love & Protect Mother Earth
With today’s global warming worry, Boxerwood Gardens has this set to their mission, “to educate and inspire people of all ages to be successful and environmentally responsible stewards of the earth.”  The global warming, deforestation, forest fires and other natural calamities that destroy this beautiful nature wonders is not just one’s encumbrance but of should have taken seriously.  


Virginia is still blessed with the abundance of this kind but what they need to take into consideration of is to love, protect and preserve this wonders of nature’s beauty for future generations to enjoy.  Besides, Boxerwood Gardens, believes that our Earth is our one and only home while living and who else should take care of this but us.  See their gardens for yourself to see & recognize what they’re talking about.

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1934 Matney Flats Road, Wytheville, VA 24382


Treck It Out
In this garden, one can find countless assorted butterflies whether it’s native or non-native.  The Beagle Ridge Herb Farm has built a house for the butterflies in their surroundings and let them lay eggs in there to continue their cycle or reproduction. Their butterfly house has an estimated 32 different species of butterflies in it. Now, imagine how much butterflies are there in that house.

The Beagle Ridge Herb Farm is one of the diversified gardens & arboretums in VA that has a structure of wooden retreat house in the midst of it.  The place can be spotted with some deer, rabbits, turkeys, various species of birds and one shy bear. Just be careful with that shy bear though it is still a wild animal!

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483 Great House Road, Stratford, VA 22558


Gardens Of The Courageous
This is a very beautiful garden in Virginia that homed and honed the boyhoods of the courageous Lee brothers. For four generations, this has been the home for the Lee family. Their house was surrounded by natural garden formations, farmlands, plantations and forests that gives one the chance to have an overlooking sight of the Potomac River.  The house’s plantation itself encloses the place with a land area of 1,900 acres.

Aside from the grand plantation, this garden and arboretum in Virginia has a medieval type log cabin. The log cabin is now used for dining or restaurant in the area.  The Stratford Hall can give anyone an ultimate experience of the medieval style of living that anyone would surely want to have.

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11800 John Tyler Memorial Highway, Charles City, VA 23030


A Historic Plantation in Virginia
Considered as one of the oldest domiciles in Virginia and probably in the whole US is this architecture, the Belle Air. It is a post-medieval house structure encompassed by a monumental plantation or cultivated lands. The Belle Air Plantation is now part of the National Register of Historic Places in Virginia. Inside this house is a hand carved staircase together with its walls which were made of timbers. Furnishings of the house are also one to look for here as they were all antiques aging back many centuries ago.

This 17th century structure was originally owned by Daniel Clark. In the 1800, Hamlin Willcox purchased the house who later made some expansion to the structure. Right now, the rightful owner of Belle Air is Mrs. Walter O. Major.

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2201 Shields Lake Drive, Richmond, VA 23220


Maymont - An Extraordinary Gift Of Nature
The reason why Maymont can be considered an extraordinary gift of nature, is all because of the chance it gives anyone to escape from the commotions and hassles of city life.  An extraordinary gift for those who want to recuperate, get some fresh air and thrive with nature and some animals in it.

Yes you read it right!  Maymont is a garden & arboretum in Virginia wherein there are some exotic animals and exotic birds of prey being infused. It is an ideal place to revert your city life into a serene and peaceful farm life even for just a day.  It's a great way to do a complete nature bonding experience with the kids and the whole family!

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1800 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA 23228


A Walk In The Garden
As one enters its arch, E. Claiborne Robins Visitor Center, on the way to these VA gardens and arboretums guests will be welcomed by its fountain, The North Terrace Garden. Then, comes the latency colors of flowers and plants in the Four Seasons Gardens. As you walk through, The Healing Garden will then give you a chance to breathe, spiritually healed by the natural healing prowess of the medieval like sizes of its plants. This is a good place for meditation and internal healing.

As one continues walking springs The Arbor Walkway, The Fountain Garden and finally the Rose Garden, of which from the name itself, Rose Garden, a bounty of roses of various fragrances will be found.

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4305 Sulgrave Road, Richmond, VA 23221


History Repeats Itself
Ever wonder why there is this English Tudor-style garden & arboretum in VA?  The house in this garden was actually the original house bought by a local resident of Richmond Virginia, Thomas C. Williams, Jr., from an auction in Lancashire, England.

The Tudor-style house that was bought from England was then disassembled and shipped out through the Pacific Seas to bring and re-assemble in Richmond, Virginia.  Then the original setting of its gardens and arboretums originated from England were also recreated, thus giving it a new home in the USA.  There is a lot more interesting story to tell about this historical and elegant garden & arboretum in VA that can be read from their official website stated herein.

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4301 Sulgrave Road, Richmond, VA 23221


Back To The Future
There are undying stories behind the emergence of this English Tudor Mansion with gardens and arboretums in Virginia that will be heard when visited or when this place is toured on their website as well. The Virginia House is one of the few which were awarded by the American Society of Landscape Architects, Virginia Chapter, in the year of 2000.  It is right now the exclusive property & responsibility of Virginia Historical Society.

See their artifacts & collections inside the mansion itself, the abundance of its gardens & arboretums that were once visited.  Truly one can say that the past is at present times and can uphold to the future. Because there is so many untold stories & history that were brought & confessed into the present & future.

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400 Blandy Farm Lane, Boyce, VA 22620


Love, Enjoy And Protect The Nature
The thrive of its 170-acres of arboretums, flowers of all sorts, herbal and medicinal plants, including the facilities it has for the public, this garden & arboretum in VA definitely is the best option for those who really love nature. One can note the number of their collections, their garden has 162 kinds of boxwoods, 300 various ginkgo grove trees, and 36 cedar trees of Lebanon Alley. Love for nature in terms of not just enjoying them but also to study, protect and make them bloom more for future generations.

What is distinctive about the State Arboretum of Virginia and Museum is their Quarters. The Quarters houses their gift shop, rooms for accommodation that is good enough for 24 guests, kitchen and dining rooms, library and they even have public restrooms which can be accessed by people in wheelchairs.

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20 North Coalter Street, Staunton, VA 24401


The President’s Home
The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum Gardens offers at least three major experiences that visitors or guests can acquire. One of which is by visiting the museum itself, visitors and guests can get a grasp of the birthplace and home of the 28th president of the United States Pres. Woodrow Wilson.

Originally, this place did not have its own garden. But currently, it has grown at least three phases. The first phase was created in 1933 by The Garden Club of Virginia. The second phase then emerged in 1990. Then in 2008, again the Garden Club of Virginia finalized its garden with perimeter fencing, walkways, boxwoods, lilacs and perennials. Thereby, making it one of the best gardens and arboretums in VA.

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12601 River Road, Richmond, VA 23233


Natural Gardens In VA
This is the town and home of Thomas Jefferson when he was still a boy. The home and its surrounding greeneries, trees and landscapes are now considered a National Historic Landmark. Everything in here is now being protected with the help of its owners. It was recognized by today’s modern architects as the finest architecture in the 18th century.

Tourists need to see the place to appreciate the true rich heritage of Virginia’s natural beauty of gardens and arboretums. The land and the whole of Virginia is actually a natural garden & arboretum itself.  No wonder there is an abundance of such in this place. The Tuckahoe Plantation is a perfect example for how rich the state of Virginia is with plants, trees, flowers and wildlife.

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7000 Westover Road, Charles City, VA 23030


The Byrds Built This
The Westover Plantation was built in the mid-eighteenth century by the Byrd family.  From William Byrd I in 1688 when he purchased the whole land where the Westover is, down to William Byrd II and William Byrd III, they all played significant roles in building up this beautifully landscaped garden & arboretum in Virginia.  

This historic tour spot in Charles City County invites tourists to hike on its numerous trails that include the Civil War trails, John Smith Adventures on the James trails and the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail.  As visitors can stroll around its formal gardens they can also take a tour inside the old outbuildings on a daily basis.  The Westover doorway of the main house, by the way, is a recognized architectural element in the US.

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6700 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk, VA 23518


75 Years Of Gardening
The Norfolk Botanical Garden started way back in 1938, with its plantations and vegetation being planted by around two hundred African-American women.  These African-Americans mainly cultivated Azaleas that are being considered today as one of the largest collections in the United States.  Among its large collections are the rhododendrons, roses and camellias also.

Today, its gardens have further developed with many flowers and trees being planted and added thus making it as one beautiful garden & arboretum in Virginia.  Its collection of gardens consist of at least six main categories, the Year Round Gardens, Spring Gardens, Summer Gardens, Fall Gardens, Winter Gardens and the WOW Children’s Adventure Garden.

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