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DJ's Kids Parties in VA

Is your kid the next dance sensation? Why not check out our list of djs for hire? You need a dj for kids to make your child's next party a bilboard hit. So sit back and watch your kids hit the dance floor and tear up their birthday party. We have a list of different kid friendly djs.

754 Warrenton Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22406


Pump It Up!
Have you been to any party that almost made you die of boredom?  Ha, ha, funny isn’t it?  What do you think was missing at those kinds of parties?  Regardless of what kind of party that is, be it a kid’s party or for grownups, a party needs to be pumped up in any manner for everyone to enjoy!

Pump that party up with In Step Entertainment to have a DJ mixing various genres of music!  With their DJ Mark “Gonzo” Gonzales, an ex-military, who has been doing this DJ mobile mixing of music for 15 years, that party of any kind will never let anyone down! His expertise in providing mobile music is a sure fire in firing up your kid’s party or any other parties, events and special occasions!

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+1 804-616-1448
3817 North Light Drive, Chester, VA 23831


A Splash of Fun Party Music!
Kids' party, corporate events, wedding anniversaries, school dance parties, junior/senior proms, and all sorts of events, special occasions or parties, Splash DJ can supply the music of your choice!  If you are looking for a DJ for your kid’s party, the Splash DJ can certainly be buzzed for your music mixing needs.  Their DJ, Steve Brooks, will never drive anyone crazy or screw up any event or party gatherings.  Steve Brooks has been a DJ for more than 25 years now and definitely has an experience in knowing how to party up and make anyone’s party an enjoyable one.

Splash DJ has all the right mobile mixing equipment or setup complete with their computers for backups to provide the most enjoyable entertainment your child will ever have!

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+1 757-420-4200
3936 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Mr. DJ Can I Make A Request?
Tidewater DJs is based in Virginia Beach and can perform all throughout Virginia!  What Tidewater DJs wants is to have your party done your way, which means you can make requests to them for which type of songs you mostly want them to mix all throughout the duration of the party.  More especially for a kids' party, where music should be selected that is appropriate for such age brackets, their DJ can certainly prepare good entertaining music appropriate for them.  

Even when the DJ is already at the party or on the dance floor, you can still request songs which you think your child or the children would definitely love!  So go ahead, book them now and make your requests!

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13701 Rosetree Court, Chantilly, VA 20151


The Czar of DJ Mixing
Has it been a dog’s age since you had a party with a great selection of music remixes?  Well then, how about throwing a party for your child’s upcoming birthday?  Let you and your child hear some good partying music where you can celebrate with good quality music.  And when it comes to that kind of DJ party need for kids or adults, the master of DJing in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland is just one ring away from making it happen!

Music from the 50’s to the latest ones which your kid loves, the Sultan DJ has them all!  Imagine a library of songs consisting of more than 35,000 songs of all genres, they will never drop the ball on this one!

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, Fredericksburg, VA


DJ With An Extra Mile Effort!
DJ To Go is one great DJ providers in Virginia that extends an extra mile effort in entertaining the guests while DJing music at the party!  The only DJ in town that is willing to mingle, dance or chat with all the party-goers while his turntables are spinning!  There is no other DJ who can match his way of providing music while entertaining the guests at the party!

DJ To Go also has the latest in mobile mixing equipment, like the Pioneer & Ecler mixers, QSC and Yamaha speakers, Tracktor and Virtual DJ programs, DBX, Monster Cables, Apple Computers, Heil & Sure Microphones.  All the latest equipment will be operated at your kid’s party!

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+1 703-264-5935
9511 Mark Twain Court, Bristow, VA 20136


An Awarded Family DJ
Check these things out!  Family DJ knows exactly what you need in a DJ, more especially if you are planning for a kids' party for your child.  They are called Family DJ because they cater to many families’ needs, understand your budget, what you are looking for in an experienced DJ, and really know what type of music will fit such party.  The Family DJ has these qualities even beyond anyone’s expectations!

Family DJ is a family-friendly DJ in Virginia that understands the sensibility of their clients, especially if it’s for family events like those of children’s birthday parties or any other formal gathering.  Give them a try and you will know why they were awarded by the Wedding Wire with the Bride’s Choice Awards in 2012!

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+1 540-891-1728
4809 Carriage Way Lane, Fredericksburg, VA 22408


An Eat Out of Your Hands DJ Service!
For any children’s partying need for dance music, DJ Gerry Bradshaw can easily provide such.  Children’s birthday party, school dance party, senior prom, kids' party, sweet 16 party are just some of what they cater to.  DJ Gerry Bradshaw has an extensive experience in parties and certainly knows how to make others eat their hearts out!

With their 30 years' experience in mobile mixing, their goal is to surpass your expectations, to surpass other DJ’s services and to surpass their own expectations in providing this kind of service.  Their DJ kind of service is an eat out of your hands style!  Since they started out, they have been providing this type of DJ service all throughout Virginia and other states as well.

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312 Old York Hampton Highway, Yorktown, VA 23692


2013 Wedding Wire Best Choice Awardee!
Providing DJ services for any parties out there is easy as pie with Colonial DJs.  They have a bunch of great professional DJs in their pool to cater to all types of party needs.  Name the occasion and they can provide music mixing fitting any occasions.  Weddings, school events, kids' party and other functions or gatherings, they have a DJ who specializes in any given occasion.  You may also have an option in choosing what DJ you would like to be at your kid’s party too!  Just see their website now for their DJ pool.

Colonial DJs are 2013 Wedding Wire Brides Choice Award winner!  That means you will definitely get superb music mixing expertise from them.  Give them a try!  See and hear them do the music remixes for yourself!

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, Williamsburg, VA


Party Rock!
Make your kid’s party memorable with DJ Bill Stutz rockin' and mixin'.  Rock that party out with seven decades of music in their collections from the 40’s to today’s modern rockin' & dancing hits!  They specialize in rock & roll oldies dance music, Halloween parties including a kids' party.  What makes them a cut above the rest is that they will also bring 12’ screens to your party for the movie services and games to add more rockin’ and rolling to your party!  With their advanced professional equipment, there won’t be any reason that your party won’t be a rockin’ one!

The S&A Entertainment is a mobile DJ service that also accompanies with them music videos, outdoor movies and karaoke through their 12’ screens.  With those are their lighting effects and some trivia games during the party!

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+1 571-305-2015
, Alexandria, VA 22302


Dance To Their Hits!
It is about everything with their DJ services for all parties of all ages. From age 1 to 99, the Jersey Entertainment can handle parties with all their expertise.  They are so experienced and experts in handling any party or special occasion there is.  The Jersey Entertainment specializes in wedding ceremonies/receptions, corporate events, school events even for your kid’s party too!

So whenever throwing a kids' party or any kind of celebration enters your mind, let the Jersey Entertainment enter that party for an excellent and unforgettable party that everyone will truly enjoy and have fun!  Check them out to see what else they have for your DJ partying pleasure.  

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, , VA


Tiny Bubbles In The Air!
B&B Sounds has prepared one kind of partying for your kid’s party; it is called the Tiny Bubbles Bubble Extravaganza Party.  It is an hour of interactive programs designed especially for children ages 3-6 or even from 7-12.  As the name of this program implies, there will be lots of bubbles popping out at that party of yours!  Bubbles gushing out and agitating the air all throughout the party accompanied with lots of games, DJ music dancing and truck loads of fun!

This Tiny Bubbles Bubble Extravaganza Party is more enjoyable if done right in your backyard where there will be enough elbow room for everyone.  Though it can be done indoors too, the program suggests an outdoor venue for better gratification of fun!

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13606 Velvet Antler Trail, Midlothian, VA 23112


Responsible DJ For All Occasions!
Ten years of solid experience in DJ music mixing that serves the central Virginia area, though they can travel anywhere, with music that is appropriate for any age group and knows the ethics in hosting a party event.  This is what Pennington Parties has and observes while providing DJ services to their clients.  More especially for a kids' party, Pennington Parties sense the sensibility of every guest at a particular party.  They have been certified by the School Dance Network as Responsible DJs.

The kind of music that can be requested for every party out there is from country, disco, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, swing, big band, beach, doo wop to hip hop!

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, , VA


Runnin’ Wild To Your Party!
You will definitely not face the music but dance to the music once you hire the Runnin Wild DJ service provider in Virginia! Weddings, birthday parties, school dances, anniversaries, kids' party or any special event, they will make you dance to the music instead of making you face the music at your party!

Runnin Wild will come runnin’ to your party and will certainly not fall flat at your party!  They will without a doubt be there for fun dancing all partying triumph for any occasion.  Runnin Wild will make you and your guests have the time of your life through their sophisticated equipment, video packages and broad lights!

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, , VA


Roll the Fun at the Party!
Some people feel like a new person after going to a fun memorable party.  It’s like they have been given a one-time courtesy of having fun and was awakened with the very good dance music.  Attending such party or any event can most of the time fire us up. It stimulates one’s self thus giving the feeling of being charged up all because of good party music.  

Let The Good Times Roll DJ Services certainly will make you feel those things as they stand by their name.  They will bring good times to your party and let the party music roll all over the dance floor!  Their music blends with the guests and they are very professional & sensible too.  So let the good times roll in at your kid’s party or other occasion now!

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, Chesapeake, VA


The Experienced Professional DJs
7citiesVDJays has been providing the service of DJs for kids' parties in VA for more than 25 years now.  They know exactly how to bring fun and excitement to a certain party.  To make it happen, the first thing they do is learn the age group they will be playing music for, then they will add their own selection of dance music from their libraries.  The most important thing that they do is coordinate with their clients, like you, to make sure that they can meet your expectations and even surpass it.

That is how experienced and professional the 7citiesVDJays are so getting them for your kid’s party or any event will guarantee complete satisfaction.

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1115 Independence Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23455


Relax! Have A Party!
Everyone needs a break once in a while and so going to any kind of party with superb quality dance music in it can be rejuvenating to anyone.  Dancing to the tunes like you don’t have any worries, problems or troubles in life of any sort is one way of releasing stress.  Good partying can be most of the time beneficial to everybody as they need to unwind after some load of work or finishing some heavy project.  Anyone can also throw a party for any task they have accomplished or to just have a break after all the hard work.  

The same goes for throwing a kids' party, it gives the celebrant a time to celebrate another year of fun growing years.  The Astro Entertainment knows exactly those sentiments and understands the need to provide a DJ to any of your celebrations!

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137 Nottingham Boulevard, Suffolk, VA 23434


Master of Ceremonies
Dr. DJ Entertainment is the master of ceremonies that can make everything fall into place!  Their DJ can fill up your shoes in entertaining your guests in any type of party that you will be having, including a kids' party.  All you have to do is invite your guests to your party and their DJs will do the rest of entertaining them. 

Their experience in providing this kind of DJ service in Virginia has long been proven to be effective through their wide selections of dance songs and latest music videos!  Yes, they even have music videos while playing the music mixing at your party that will surely motivate the guests to dance longer on the floor ‘til they drop!

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1390 Southside Drive, Salem, VA 24153


DJs Plus More!
Ziggy’s Entertainment is a family owned business and a party provider in Virginia that knows exactly what a family needs for a kids' party.  Its new owners are the Hill family and they are dedicated to providing a family centered party in the Virginia region.  The business has various artists who can provide their respective talents at any given party.  Name any party need that you need; Ziggy’s Entertainment has it!  

Their services also include DJs, wherein one DJ is from RSP Entertainment whose specialty is providing DJs for kids' parties in VA.  They can provide this kind of party service anywhere in Virginia including their DJ mobile equipment, lights and sounds, plus their experienced and professional DJ Roy Boy.  Check their website to see their mobile sounds & lights equipment.

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, Virginia Beach, VA 23464


Scratches, Music & Party!
Gifted Entertainment in VA acts high and mighty with the kind of DJ services they provide to all their clients, be it for wedding parties or receptions, house parties, kids' parties and for other DJ party events you need.  On their website, you will get to hear some of their DJs' scratches which will make any party pump up and dance on the floor!  Gifted Entertainment has a lot of DJs for you to select from, DJs like DJ Gifted, TheKat, DJ WillieJ, and more…

So for any party DJ and/or wedding DJ in Virginia, Gifted Entertainment is the name to be!  Check them out!

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