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Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

Have you always wanted your favorite celebrity to come to your birthday party? Well, in a way, that is now possible. Have these celebrity look alikes in VA come to your party and everyone will think that the real person is there!

1901 Dannemora Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

The Legend Lives Celebrity Lives in VA

Long Live The King!

Look who’s going to be at your party!  Yes, it’s The King of Rock & Roll! Elvis Presley!  The Legend Lives has him for your party, in the person of Joe Searles, the ultimate Elvis Presley impersonator!  Joe Searles is a real recording artist of Columbia Records and a recording label in Virginia Beach, VA.  He recorded some original songs for the company during his early stint in his singing career.  Up until he put up his own recording studio in his home and began recording songs of Elvis Presley.  As persuaded by Jerry Presley, Joe began his career as an Elvis Presley impersonator.  Joe Searles actually won the look-alike and sound-alike contest in Virginia Beach in June of 2000.  


From then on, the rest is history and Virginia’s The Legend Lives began offering his singing talent for any occasion. Contact The Legend Lives in VA now!

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, Virginia Beach, VA

TBC Stars Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

John Lennon!

John Lennon is coming to perform at your party!  That is going to be the biggest party event that you are going to have if you tag in the TBC Stars for their singing talent service.  John Lennon is being reincarnated by Tim Beasley, a professional John Lennon impersonator that can deliver the looks and voice of that ever famous Beatle lead star.  With TBC Stars' John Lennon performing at  your party, event or any occasion, every one of the guests will surely say to him “You’re just like Lennon!”. 


Virginia’s TBC Stars very own Tim Beasley has performed at many events of big companies which were listed in Fortune 500.  He got to perform also at other famous venues like The Hard Rock Café in Orlando and many others.  To see more of his gigs, songs rendered and the actual look, please visit TBC Stars in VA’s website.

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Pirates For Parties Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

Yo! Ho! Ho!

Have you seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean?  Or, has your child ever dreamed of becoming like Captain Jack Sparrow or even adored Johnny Depp himself?  Well then, all these can be materialized in your kid’s pirate theme party through the Pirates For Parties.  Virginia’s Pirates For Parties has a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator in their line of entertainers for hire.  You will be surprised with how he mimics Johnny Depp’s ever famous movie character and might even mistake him as the real Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow himself!


Kids will surely enjoy his form of entertainment together with his parrot!  Pirates For Parties in VA will bring him in plus his parrot for everyone to get a close encounter with!

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, , VA

Joe as Jack Nicholson Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

Meet Jack Nicholson

Joe as Jack Nicholson is simply the best Jack Nicholson impersonator there is in town!  The reason is based on his past performances and TV show appearances. Joe Richards, the impersonator, has entertained a party at Paramount Studios for his Royal Highness Prince Edward and her Highness.  Can you imagine the kind of entertainment he can then bring to your party?  


Not only that, Joe as Jack Nicholson in VA also appeared in many TV shows and in films, the complete list can be seen on his website.  To add up to some of his superb quality party entertainment, Virginia’s Joe as Jack Nicholson also entertained many corporate parties and events.  Complete list of these and more are available on the PROFILE tab of their website.

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Richard Halpern Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

Yeah, Baby, It’s Me, Austin!

Yeah, Baby, Yeah!  This is Austin Powers!  Richard Halpern completely copied the image and the artistry of Austin Powers when it comes to bringing fun and laughter wherever he may be!  Be ready for his crazy and funny antics as Richard Halpern in VA has everything about Austin Powers' aura and every one of your guests will be awed with his presence.  Give your party a stand-out experience with Virginia’s stand-out party entertainment performance and make it a lasting experience to cherish for a lifetime!


Virginia’s Richard Halpern can also be tagged for his super jazz singing prowess as he regularly does this at many clubs, restos or bars in town.  Check out his photos and his gigs on his official website and invite him to your party now!

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PO Box 395 , Rockville, VA 23146

Bob as Bill Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

His Excellency President Bill Clinton!

How about having His Excellency President Bill Clinton entertaining your guests at your party?  Yes he can do that for your party, event or any occasion for as long as you book Bob as Bill for his service.  Bob is the original impersonator of Bill Clinton who has been featured in many TV shows already!  He is the man behind this party entertainment, Bob as Bill in VA that can be booked for anything that you may be having.


Virginia’s Bob as Bill started doing this mimicry when his friends saw the real President Bill Clinton who was just running for elections then.  His friends noticed the extreme similarity between them and from then on the rest is history.

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The Icon Blonde Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

Here Come The Blondes!

Marilyn Monroe!  Madonna!  Gwen Stefani! … And Lady Gaga!  All these can be portrayed with extreme natural sex appeal and high energy by Coty Alexander of The Icon Blonde.  Virginia’s The Icon Blonde is purely about these four iconic blondes who conquered the entertainment industry in the US!  Coty Alexander is behind all these impersonations of the four famous and iconic blondes and she really does it with extreme performances as the originals.  She was recognized in many TV shows and newspapers like Ellen Degeneres’ “The Really Big Show”, “Good Morning America”, “E! Entertainment”, “MTV”, “Discovery Channel”, “Rolling Stone Magazine” and a lot more can be seen right on the ARTIST BIO tab page of her website.


Contact The Icon Blonde in VA now and witness her perform these iconic blondes in one hot and super sexy show!

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Truly Tina Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

She’s Your Private Dancer!
If this site has the “King of Rock & Roll”,  we also have the “Queen of Rock & Roll”.  Truly Tina offers their impersonator of Tina Turner, the high energy singing diva who once rocked the whole world with her superbly high energy performances.  No one would ever think that Tina Turner’s way of performance could be duplicated, with those wet deliverance of lyrics while dancing with intense choreographic moves seems hard to be copied.  Then look now, Virginia’s Truly Tina has Samira as their impersonator of Tina Turner, who can absolutely copycat her favorite female rock legend without limits of preciseness.  

Samira of Truly Tina in VA has been featured and articled in More Magazine, Wall Street Journal and in Discover.  Samira was also voted as the Best Rock and Roll Celebrity Impersonator by the Reel Awards in Las Vegas for two straight years!

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, , VA!

Wynonah Dove Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

Dolly Parton & Patsy Cline!
Are you looking for a Dolly Parton or a Patsy Cline look alike in Virginia?  Look further no more for we have got Wynonah Dove to deliver such performances by both legendary singers of those good ‘ole times!  She’s got the looks, the voices of both iconic singers of America, everything built-in her body naturally.  Virginia’s Wynonah Dove is a Virginian herself just like the one she mimics, Patsy Cline.  What is entertaining about her is that she really loves to entertain folks and you'll get to experience that once she gets to perform at your party or event!

Wynonah Dove in VA has appeared in CMT Redneck Island TV show, FOX Speed TV and PBS Class Action.  She also got to perform and entertain many big companies and famous places in the US.  Currently, Wynonah Dove is affiliated with BMI Nashville and Overall Music Group in Nashville too.

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, , VA

Ellie Weingardt Celebrity Look Alikes in VA

Joan Rivers!  The Queen of Comedy!
As real as it gets, Ellie Weingardt is in very good shape impersonating all the humors and funny antics of Joan Rivers’ way of entertainment.  The kind of entertainment that you will get from Ellie Weingardt in VA is in very good condition as she exactly mimics that ever famous “Queen of Comedy” Joan Rivers.  Just like Joan Rivers, Virginia’s Ellie Weingardt is a TV personality herself too.  She has appeared in many TV shows and was also featured in many newspapers and magazines as well.  


Ellie Weingardt, the Joan Rivers impersonator, also got to perform for many top companies in the US as well.  More info about her achievements and recognitions as an impersonator, as well as testimonials from previous clients, can be seen on her website.  

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