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Caricature Artists in Virginia

Does your kid want something different for their next birthday party? Try a caricature artist. We have a list of caricature artists for hire in VA that are sure to add some smiles to your next party. Guests can get caricature drawings of them and the birthday kid as a fun party favor. A caricature artist for parties might be just what your kids are looking for. Give them a try. Here are some caricature artists in Viriginia.

, , VA


Mr. Total Caricaturist

While he was still studying art on his earlier years, he already got to render his skills to the University of Wisconsin of which he drew their signs for their Student Union Publicity Department.  And so when he graduated from his art study, he right away landed on being the caricaturist and cartoon maker for The New York Times and The Milwaukee Journal.  


His style of performance in a certain party or event really makes his audience participate and stupefy.  With that style of showmanship and interaction with his audience, people would really remember him as one great caricaturist package.  You can attest that by watching some of his videos taken from his actual shows via his website or by just clicking on his picture just beside this short article description.

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+1 757-439-0991
1697 Gallery Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Surfing Caricaturist

Bob Langston was born and grew up on the Lafayette River in Norfolk.  He later moved out to Virginia Beach in 1987.  He graduated with a BFA in commercial arts and design.  His career began in 1985, being a professional caricature artist in Virginia.  He has included murals, animation, storyboarding for TV and film, sculpting.  He was also a professor at Regent University.  He taught graphic design, animation and drawings there.  Just recently, he learned and loved the art of painting.  He now also paints surfboards, surf scenes, skateboards and canvas works.  Since he grew up in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, he basically loved surfing and the waves.

He has been awarded many times and received quite a number of them.  He currently accepts caricatures for parties and special events in nearby towns.  

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800-92-FUNNY / 1800-923-8669
, , VA


A Caricaturist At Your Service
Mike Hasson is working for places in Baltimore, Washington DC and in Virginia.  He currently owns an entertainment company wherein a pool of creative artists is its forte.  In this business, one can find a lot of skilled artists that specializes in caricatures, henna tattoos, face painters, balloon sculptors, magicians, clowns, fortune tellers and impersonators.


 Basically, anything that one would require to liven up their party is in his business.  Mike Hasson is a caricature himself and is also offering his own self to be hired by you on your kid’s next birthday party.  Aside from his like on his own art, Mike also loves his lazy dog and a very good pie.  Check him out now!

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Victoria Bingham 6442 Overlook Drive, Alexandria, VA 22312


Victorious Victoria
Victoria Bingham “draws” and “animates” crowds in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California and Washington.  Her numerous famous client lists are the following: Macy’s, Ive’s Saint Laurent, RCA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The Galleria Mall in White Plains.  Those previously mentioned clients plus the multitudinous private clients whom she has had from her birthday party invitations and special events.  These clients remain in contact with her and continuously hire her for their parties and events. 

Some of the remarkable stints and achievements that she had had was when she caricaturized the NCOs and Officers Basic Army Training in 1978.  Another one was that her drawing collections were appreciated and collected personally by no less than the grand master of caricature art himself Mr. David Levine.

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2210 North Madison Street, Arlington, VA 22205


Political Cartoonist and Party Caricaturist
Mike Jenkins considers himself as a strikingly political cartoonist making political commentaries through his medium, caricatures or cartoons.  During the 1980s, he worked as an editorial cartoonist for Beaumont Enterprise, Journal Newspapers wherein he focused on the local beltway for more than two decades.  Especially during the economic turndown of the economy, Mike used the caricature in striking the issues in an organic yet humorous demeanor.  

Today, Mike Jenkins has this business of his own of which he provides entertainment for birthday parties for kids and the old ones.  Regardless of the age that he entertains, whether they’re wearing diapers or evening clothes, they will be animated with his caricature works for the whole guests.

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, Alexandria, VA


Complimentary Caricatures For Kids
She is one professional caricature artist situated in Alexandria, Virginia.  Her touch and styles are acrylic, digital, conceptual, caricature, fine art, oil, figurative, mixed media, realism, pencil, concept art and watercolor.  She then applies those styles and techniques into her subject of interests.  Her specialties includes portrait, youth, children, children’s books, humor, book covers, celebrities, religious, ethnic, editorial, historical, leisure, people, political, lifestyle, health and family.

She has had a lot of clients for kid’s birthday parties within her vicinity in Virginia.  She loves children and she loves to make them laugh.  She enjoys whenever children enjoys her, when it comes to entertaining them by using her caricature arts.  In appreciation of their laughter, Marcia Klioze compliments them with a drawing portrait of them in caricatures.

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, Annandale, VA


A Group Of Caricature Artists
Her name is Marie and she is a caricature artist herself who decided to setup her own business consisting of fellow cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrators.  The decision to make her own business of this kind is because it happened to her most of the time that she can’t handle party events in many places wherein it is impossible for her to be in two or more places at one time. Since then, she got an idea of tapping some fellow artists like her to form a group who will be always available for any party or event invitations from the clients.

From then onwards, her business has been serving all the vicinities of Virginia.  They now even serve outside locations, meaning those living outside Virginia too.  Please check her website to learn more about her group of caricature artists.

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, Silver Spring , VA


Barry and Friends

The guy started working in a shopping mall and restaurants as their cartoonist and caricaturist.  That was during the 90’s when he started working as a caricature artist by profession.  During the later years, he then decided to accept private parties and events on any types of venues.  He is a proven caricaturist who can make his client or subject laugh yet making them feel relaxed too.  On his end, he also feels the same way towards what he do best, animating the party!


So, if you really are looking for a one of a kind party with a one of a kind entertainer who can liven up and animate your party, Barry is the man to be!

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, , VA


No Stopping Yvonne
Yvonne B is noted for her love for nature.  Taking shots and into her canvass the images or photos of nature and animals is what she is into right now.  Her twitter account tweets mostly those of nature, animals and birds tweets.  While taking photos and drawing them, she still manages to accept birthday parties for kids and special events for caricature jobs.  It is her passion for the art, photography, painting, drawing and caricature.  


There was also one point in time that she worked as a fashion designer too.  Definitely, almost all aspect of arts has been part of her eminencies.  But, then again, caricature is now the thing that she has ventured into.  It seems that her love for the arts never got into any red lights.

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, Fairfax, VA


Sparkle of Caricature
Her experience in teaching children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 had enhanced further her love for the kids.  Considering she is also a mother of 7 children of her own, Lynette Eagy do have an extensive mother-like relationship experiences with her previous clients up until now.  Her previous work experiences with children were her caricature and painting jobs at birthday parties, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, school functions among many others.  All ages really did enjoy her wonderful art creations in the form of paintings and caricatures.

So if you want her to glow in your parties invite her to your kid’s next birthday party and let her radiance of art twinkle in your kid’s eyes.

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3313 Arctic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Indian Caricature Artist in Virginia
Manil Bambi has worked for various international advertising agencies and publication houses in India. Companies like that of Yamaha, Honda, Canon, Aircell, Amity publications and others.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in commercial arts from Delhi University College of Art in 1999.  Right now, he has had some major clients like Toshiba, Panasonic, Honda, Park Avenue, SUZLON, Canon, Sony, IFCO-TOKYO insurance, DAIKIN , AIRCELL, INDIA BULLS, MARUTI-SUZUKI cars, JAYPEE - City developers, TATA TEA , FEDEX etc.

The guy believes in satisfying his clients through his medium of chosen art, caricature art, by using his expertise and experiences gained from his past work experiences.  

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Arlington, Arlington, VA


An Art Of Compassion
Amy Rose Tiller is a graduate of B.F.A. Illustration 3.0 GPA from Savannah College of Art in 2006.  She also got a Web Design Specialist Certificate from Northern Virginia Community College in 2010.  She used to be an art instructor in Fairfax County as well as to other private clients that she has had.  She was also a mural designer and faux painter for some private clients.  She has had lots of work experiences since the year 2007.  

One good thing about Amy Rose Tiller is that she can actually communicate using American sign languages.  This could probably help her handle some clients who need such talent and skills to understand them and entertain them through her caricature arts.

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Virginia, Richmond, VA


A Well-Experienced Caricature Artist
Joe Thibodeau has been a caricaturist for over 30 years now.  He worked as an editorial cartoonist in Little Rock, Arkansas. This was just some of his legacies on his earlier years.  He used to draw caricature images of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton for major magazines and newspapers.  He has an animated eye for detail making his drawings perfect replicas of his characters in cartoon formats.

Right now, he is a part of the Markerhead Team who design and fabricate signs & windows.  He also accepts party invitations and events for caricature jobs in Virginia.  To know more about the man, you can actually view his blog site.

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, Richmond, VA


A Childhood Talent
Since his childhood, the man has been drawing on his notebooks at school or at home.  He never stopped doing it because he truly loves to draw.  That talent had manifested in him since his school days.  So he decided to take up Electronic Media from the Communication Arts and Design School at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Professionally, he started his career in Kings Dominion, Doswell Virginia in 1994.  During his stint with that company, he was actually featured as their artist until 1998.  He works right now as a corporate graphic designer but he also accepts invitations for parties or events, to draw caricature arts for the kids in the Virginia area.  

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, Alexandria, VA


Proven Caricature artist in VA
Bill L can certainly do a caricature of your kid and all the guests at the birthday party. The man has an extensive background in cartoons, caricature arts and illustrations.  To name some of his achievements in this field, you can see his editorial cartoons in the Washington Post, Journal, Ashville Mountain Express and Citizen-Times.  Most of his works were also used and featured by some prominent institutions in the US, like that of AOL’s Digital City and The Beer Institute.  

Bill L is a member of the National Cartoonists Society and the International Society of Caricature Artists and the Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain.  He was also a professor of this art in many universities and school of arts all throughout the country.  There is no doubt that he can make cartoon faces of anyone with ease and pleasure.

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, Alexandria, VA 22312


One Great Memorabilia For Your Kid’s Party
Your kid will be amazed by the amazing drawings Martin Hugg can provide at your kid’s birthday party.  Martin Hugg is really into entertaining kids by making caricatures of them including the funny moments of the party itself.  Not only will your kids enjoy his caricature drawings but you and the whole party will as well.  The whole party will be animated with his art.

Each one will be given a chance to take home a caricature of themselves free of charge.  Free of charge because you, as parent of the celebrant, have already paid for it when you hired him for the party.  So, you can get those drawings from Martin Hugg with plastic coverings to protect it and have it displayed in your home.  Now, isn’t that a wonderful memorabilia for your kid’s birthday?

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, Richmond, VA


A Virginian Caricaturist
He started his drawing career in Busch Gardens when he worked there way back in 2003 as the theme park’s cartoonist.  For the several years that he was working in the theme park, Eric suddenly realized that it is more cool and enjoyable to work as a freelance caricaturist.  He became more successful when he turned into a freelancer working directly with clients of his own who hire his special skills with art for a certain party, events, company meetings, proms, weddings and any sort of event.

Since then Eric has been doing this and enjoyed more of his talent as a caricature artist in Virginia.  Local folks in Richmond, Virginia know Eric for his art and would prefer to hire him for any occasion.

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540 -529-7099
, Virginia Area, VA


Entertaining Skills
How about this, a multi-awarded caricature artist to entertain your kid’s birthday party?  She is a supernatural personality, jolly in spirit and an amusing character that was enjoyed by her many clients on such occasions that she went in to.  There is no doubt that Kyle can liven up the party and event that she needs to entertain upon hiring her caricature service.

She was awarded as the Best Party Caricaturist in the year 2004, while being awarded in 2000 as the Top Ten Best Caricature Artist. She has also won the Best Area Artist in her home place.  Once hired, you will get this complete package from her, her wittiness and her superb skill in drawing at one entertaining party!

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