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Birthday Party Places in VA

Do you hate the stress that comes along with hosting a party at your house? Check out these birthday party places in VA. Your guests will have the same amount of fun and you will have none of the stress!

292 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA 20170


Stretch & Flex Your Birthday Party Out
It is going to be one athletic birthday party in Gymini Gymnastics Club, it is because of their flexing, bending and lots of fun-active athleticism program included in their birthday party package for children aged 3-12 years old.  And guess what?  The birthday party can accommodate a number of children from 12 to a maximum of 24 in one birthday party celebration.  

Gymini Gymnastics Club will also provide fruit juices to the whole guests along with helium-filled balloons for each child.  Cakes and paper products will be the parent’s responsibility for everyone, but their staff will voluntarily help them out in serving the cakes to the children, as well as the cleanup.  The parents and kids can also use their refrigerators and freezers if they needed it.  Athletically speaking, this birthday party place will be an hour and a half full of fun, action, and exercises event for your child!

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688 North St. Asaph Street, Alexandria, VA 22314


Li'l Play House in Virginia
The place was built and designed solely for the purpose of attending to your child’s need of having a safe and fun play house.  This is a place where you can safely leave and entrust your child to play while you are gone.  Designed for ages 1-12 years old, children will be guided and tutored while they are at play in the place.  A lot of education games suited for their age will be introduced to them, as being guided by their staff.

The Hands On Play can be a very good venue for a birthday party place for Virginia folks.  They have sufficient rooms to accommodate a party of 15 children.  Children will have all access to all the things and playrooms in the house.  But, as parents, they are expected to provide the food, refreshments, beverages, decoration for the parties and other similar items.  Please visit their website now.

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9404 Center Point Lane, Manassas, VA 20110


Get Bounce!
House of Bounce is a place where you can leave your children play while you’re away.  They will be eagerly attended by their stuff who are energetic, outgoing, service oriented and who outrageously love kids!  To get a view of what’s in the House of Bounce, please watch their Youtube video found on their website.

This play haven for kids can handle and host your kids' birthdays.  They have an online reservation which is very easy to follow. If you will be checking for the availability of a specific date and time, please do not hesitate to call them up or you can email them.

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44710 Cape Court, Ashburn, VA 20147


Get Up & Play!
In today’s world of modern technologies, where almost everything can be done easily even without lifting a finger or requiring any physical strength, people tend to be more prone to physical inactivity resulting in obesity or unhealthy lifestyles. Parents do not realize that their children are becoming hooked on internet games, lazy couch games and other gadgets that keep the children away from developing their motor skills and physical development.  Parents of today should keep their children away from being a couch potato kids.

Here, at Jumping Jack Sports, they realize that and have all the proper active equipment, toys and games for all children. So, why not introduce your kids to these kinds of physical augmentation games on their birthdays? This will bring back their active & healthy way of growing up.

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4201 John Marr Drive, Annandale, VA 22003


Children Love Art
Prepare for the most artistic birthday party for your child.  A program of 2 hours of painting, drawing, graphic designing, fashion designing, industrial designing, illustration, crafts and sculpture.  The place is called The J Art Studio and started its operation in 1992 and has now three operating branches in Virginia, which are in Annandale, Centreville and Chantilly Virginia.  They provide their place as a birthday party place in Virginia, most especially for kids out there.

On Sundays, the place can be rented for a birthday party for kids aged 3-10 years old.  It is going to be a 2 hour birthday party with one hour allocation for the fun art.  The parents may choose from the art classes the place has of which all can be found on their website.

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3223-B Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314


Active, Fun and Safe Playing
Are you concerned about your kid's safety when they play outside your home? Do you often just let them play video games or internet games just for the sake of keeping them safe at home? You want them to play more active games but you’re also concerned about their safety, right? Well, the problem seems to have been resolved by JW Tumbles.


Your kids will now have a safe place to play at where there are friendly attendants to watch over and guide your children. Their staff is so caring and are well-tested kid lovers. They even have developed some programs for personal training for children to make them more active, sociable, and friendlier and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Check them out now on their official website, you might consider spending your kid’s birthday with this kid-friendly birthday party place.

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758 23rd Street South, Arlington, VA 22202-2420


Rainbow (Ke-shet) of Fun
How about spending your kid’s birthday party in an awarded preschool center?  The Keshet Child Development Center was chosen as “The Best Preschool in the Washington DC Area” by the Nickelodeon Parent’s Choice Awards in 2010. With that award, this preschool learning center is a certified quality provider of education, play and fun environment for kids out there. They also provide their place as a birthday party place in Virginia.

The Keshet Child Development Center has been in existence for over 30 years now.  Their name was taken from a Hebrew word ke-shet which means rainbow. Kindly see their website to know more about them and their birthday party packages.

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9000K Lorton Station Boulevard, Lorton, VA 22079


Your Little Precious Ones Dreams
Dollin It Up Spa is all about the world of little princesses aged 2-14 years old.  It is a birthday party place in Virginia where everything in here is exclusively for her.  Little girls most of the time dream of becoming a princess in real life, with those dreams on their heads, Dollin It Up Spa will make those dreams come true to life.  They will turn your little girls into young, nice, beautiful and princess-like girls.


Their services include manicure, pedicure, facials, makeup and sassy hairdos.  Dollin It Up Spa can actually come to you to setup everything in your house and turn it into a palace of beauties!  Just dial them up at this number, 703-717-8454.

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21610 Atlantic Boulevard, Sterling, VA 20166


Play Their Sports Here
It really is so nice to see a child at play.  Many things come into our mind whenever we watch little children play.  By watching them play, it reminds us of our juvenile days when we were so much active, fun and so worry-free.  We also know that by playing during our childish days our grooving towards sports activities develops.  That is typically the same thing that transpires in our kids today, no exemption.

If you enjoy the same sentiments, then this birthday party place called Dulles SportsPlex is the perfect place for you to watch your kids play in action.  The Dulles SportsPlex is dedicated in fostering those inclinations towards sports.  Once your kid celebrates his or her birthday here, they will never stop from coming back here for more fun and active sports, even if it’s not their birthdays!

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12616 Lake Ridge Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192


Artfully Yours
While at this birthday party place, the Edgemoor Art Studio, will provide two hours filled with fun, creativeness and an artful party for the celebrant and the whole group.  This also includes a bouquet of helium balloons, an art project in accordance to your child’s preferred theme choice, and a rainbow of colored papers.  The celebrant will also be greeted on the official website of Edgemoor Art Studio.  Exceptions are the birthday cake, snacks and refreshments which shall be shouldered by the parents.  Treat bags for the child’s guests shall also be provided by the parents.

Party costs $275 for ten children with $15 for each additional child in excess of ten.  This is a two-hour birthday party celebration; an extension is possible for a cost of $50 every 30 minutes of extension.

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+1 757-641-4833
1508 Sam's Circle, Chesapeake, VA 23233


A Party For The Young Engineers
With their goals of helping the children develop problem solving skills, encouraging them to discover many things and how things work, make them desire more to explore engineering and make it as their career option, lastly, is to motivate the kids to explore, study and learn more of science, technology, engineering and math.  

The Engineering for Kids firmly believes that the youngsters have this deep-rooted interests in problem solving skills through the above mentioned goals.  These all and other programs are specially designed for children aged 4-14 years old which will be the building foundation a child needs, of which, all mentioned above are not learned from their schools.

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12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035


Let’s Have A Party In The Park!
Who doesn’t love parks and recreation centers?  Well, Fairfax County in Virginia does have lots of those.  There are at least 10 parks and recreation centers situated in the region that can also serve as a birthday party place in Virginia.  These parks are also available for rentals by groups, companies and other adult oriented organizations.

If we speak of partying here, that’s gonna be one unforgettable party of a lifetime.  With a massive collection of different parks in their region, it’s like you’re going to party in the whole region of Virginia!  Check out their massive park collections in their website stated herein.

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6950 Little Falls Road, Arlington, VA 22213


The Party Is On Fire!
This is going to be one burning party in the house, firehouse that is.  The celebration will take place in the firehouse’s meeting hall which is on the second level of the building itself.  Their meeting hall is overlooking the whole station apparatus bay.  The party will begin by touring the whole of fire station.  Every room from the bunk rooms, library rooms, their kitchen and their gym or fitness center, the whole guests including the celebrant of course will get to see and feel the life of a firefighter in a fire station.  Afterwards, everyone will get the chance to see and ride their fire trucks.  

They will also be given a chance to sit on the driver’s sit as well.  Watch out, but the place is going to throw a surprise for the celebrant!  Then finally, a firefighting demonstration will take place.

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7901 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23235


A Whole Lot Of Fun In One Birthday Party!
Putt Putt Fun Center was initiated by Don Clayton in the US in 1954.  It was a successful and a popular family amusement center with miniature golf courses in the US, until they went international in 1960.  They have opened up international locations in South Africa, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Lebanon.  At one time in history, Putt Putt Fun Center had over 265 locations in the US alone.

Today, Putt Putt Fun Center offers its place as a birthday party place in Virginia wherein kids can play on their miniature golf course, state-of-the-art arcade games, Race Zone Go-Kart, Water Blaster Bumper Boats and more!  You may check out the fun things your kid can do here on their official website stated herein.

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107 South Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA 22314


One Historical Birthday Party
Here in the Friendship Firehouse Museum, your kid can take part in many role playing games with lots of activities in this historical firehouse in Virginia.  By participating in these games and activities, they will be awarded or rewarded with fire hats and badges of their own.  Everything will be organized by the museum, from the activities to the things they needed in the party.  These all including the banners, crafts, tablecloths, plates, napkins, spoons and forks shall be pre-arranged and prepared by the Friendship Firehouse Museum.


 The only thing that you will do here is to bring the cake for the celebrant and bring the whole bunch of his guests.  All this for the price of $250 that is good for 10 children.  Reserve the party now and let them experience the historic firehouse in Virginia.

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134 North Royal Street, Alexandria, VA 22314


A Pre-Historic Birthday Party
What to expect from their birthday party packages here in Gadsbys Tavern Museum?  There are a lot of activity choices, like the Tea Party wherein the whole group will enjoy their tea while sharing cookies and cake.  Everything needed in a tea party will be provided by the house.  They will enjoy the 18th century style and customs of drinking tea here.  

The whole party will be introduced to an 18th century games.  These games have long been played by our forefathers and will truly be enjoyable and kids would surely keep on playing these games in their homes.  There will be a surprise gift for the celebrant and lots more in store for everybody!  Overall cost for this historical birthday party place is $250 for 10 children with a $15 per additional child.  More choices, options and privileges are available on their website.

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3608 North Military Road, Arlington, VA 22207


Be In Harmony & Party With Nature
There is one place in Arlington, Virginia that has a very beautiful nature with a cabin house in the midst of its nature-themed park.  The place is so solemn and quiet, so peaceful and calm.

The Friends of Gulf Branch Nature Center offers its place for anyone who wants to spend their birthday with nature.  Their basic birthday party package costs only $150 for a three hour partying inside the house in the park.  The children will be guided on a 30 minute tour around the park with hands on teaching by its staff about frogs, turtles, or snakes.  Once you celebrate your birthday here, the place will give you a one-year membership card plus their official t-shirt for the celebrant.  There will also be opportunities for hiking experience and other safe “wild” activities in the nature.

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627 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203


Skate For Fun!
The wide world of skating is here available now for kids and adults. The place is here not just for the pros but they also encourage young and inexperienced skaters to learn the skill and fun of skating. Parents can actually introduce skating to their young ones by bringing them here. The Kettler Capitals Iceplex now has this special program for the non-pros and inexperienced skaters, the program is called Recess at the Rink. The cost for this is only $7 per child with one adult skating for free. So you are paying for your kid’s skating with you going for free!  

You can now imagine how fun this place is going to be for a birthday party for your kids!  Check them out now!

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5581 Guinea Road, Fairfax, VA 22032


The Celebrant’s Getting Ready To Grow!
Let us party here at Cardinal Gymnastics!  The gym will allot 90 minutes of birthday party time at your event for your child and the guests.  The first forty five minutes will be on the floors of the gym itself, assisted by their gym instructor.  In this segment, there will be games, trampoline activities, foam pit and a whole lot more gymnasts’ activities.  The remaining forty five minutes of activities will be allotted for the main party event of the celebrant.  There is going to be a separate party room, also located inside the gym, for that activity.

For more information on what activities, what other inclusions are there in their package and for other details, please call them up at 703-323-0088.

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3210 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314


Let’s Go To The Park
A park has always been the favorite hang-out of everyone since the early times.  So, the Chinquapin Park Recreation Center befits the definition of one great and lovely park in Virginia.  Here, one can find many protected trees, grass and plants, all naturally grown in the area.  Infused with some recreational playgrounds and courts, this park is where anyone can spend their pass time.  Playrooms, Swimming Pools, Table Tennis are just some of the recreational or pass time activities anybody can do here. 

The Chinquapin Park Recreation Center has now made their park also a great birthday party place.  A nature’s park themed party is their concept for any party events that will be held here.  Just call them up for inquiries and they will be readily available to answer and help you with your inquiries for your child’s partying needs.

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