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Army Soldier Parties in VA

Army soldier parties are tons of fun and we can help you create the best one in VA. From decorations to costumes to food and more we have everything you need to execute a successful party!

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Wear It To Feel Like It
Make it look real so that your child can feel it.  This somehow is true for any kid out there that at the age where imagination really explores a way out of this world.  Children’s worlds are the world of fantasies, dreams and imaginations.  This is how they play and create their own world of imaginations and make-believes.  By wearing these military costumes, your child can definitely feel what it's like to be a real soldier or army member.


 This will make them proud of themselves and somehow develop their self-esteem as they grow.  They will cherish such moments and experiences at their army soldier party.  Grab one for him or for her now and let their imaginative minds play!

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Camouflaged Kids' Party
Thought of throwing an army soldier party for your kid on his upcoming birthday?  You do not have to worry any more on how to make it look like a real military party for him and his guests.  The has that covered for you.  All you have got to do is fire up the party and get the arsenals from their online store.  


Every camouflage item that a soldier would need is here of which all are at very reasonable prices.  All items on their camouflage gears page are in green motif.  Go and get them now to have your kid’s birthday party fully equipped.

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Militarized Birthday Party
When it comes to any themed party for your kid’s party, Birthday Express has got it all for you.  When it comes to these party supplies, you can find it all from them.  Name it, they most probably have it at their online store.  They have 150 children’s party themes available at their online store where you can select and buy each item right from the comfort of your home.  Everything in there is being properly described and priced so that you won’t definitely need any support from them.  Once you click on their buy button, you just have to wait and relax for their delivery right at your doorsteps.

The army soldier party theme is just one of their numerous party supplies.  They even provide suggestions like a set of needed packages to make your army soldier party theme a realistic one for your kid.

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Pink Can Go Green
Throwing a party for your kid can be perplexing especially if you do not have the correct supplies for any theme party that you may have in mind.  An army soldier party for kids could be one of the most rigid theme party ideas to organize.  More primarily if you can’t find the right supplies for such due to the scarcity of its suppliers.  The hassles of going outside your home to find the stores within your area merchandising these supplies can be a strenuous one.  

This is where this online store, Pink Frosting, comes in now to help.  Pink Frosting is more popular with their online wedding party supplies.  With their success, they now cater to almost any aspects of partying needs, like that of the army soldier party for kids. Please check their link on this page.

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Online Store for Military Party Needs
Here at The Party Works, more choices are available for your partying needs including that of the army soldier parties for kids. They deliver nationwide with same day shipping & guaranteed delivery dates.  They got truckloads of party supplies for any themes you might have, guaranteeing your satisfaction with their products and on-time delivery.

This is one online store wherein you don’t need to undergo to hunt for any local stores in your area to buy.  With just a few clicks of your mouse using your internet, you can absolutely have those birthday party supplies delivered on your preferred date of delivery.  By the way, they have military inspired and designed cakes too!  Check it out!

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Discounts For The Brave Heroic Militaries
You’ve got the barracks ready, training field ready, invitations and so on and so forth.  But you’re still missing the military stuff for your kid’s birthday party and don’t have time for you to hunt for those now.  Sit back and get right in front of your computer and click their official website, the link is on this page actually, and then get the military bargains from their online store now.

Here is one good thing about them, they give a 20% discount if you happen to be a military personnel or have a partner working as a soldier in the military.  They have all the support for your kid’s birthday party with an army soldier party theme and big honorary discounts for the real military parents out there too!

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A Decade Of Online Selling
BuyCostumes.Com has been delivering goods since 1999.  Since they started their online store in the US, tons of truckloads of shipments have been made all throughout the US.  Many satisfied customers have attested this superb online store for their delivery of quality supplies and goods for their partying needs.  BuyCostumes.Com mostly concentrates on Halloween Party Supplies when it started which has now expanded to all any sort of partying needs one may require, including of course that of the army soldier party needs for your kid.

The company has undergone a lot improvements, innovations, recognitions since it started in 1999.  Now, they are considered to be the leading party needs supplier in the US at least.

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Business With A Heart
Birthday In A Box is one cool online store. The reason why is that they have heart and sympathy for the less fortunate children in the states who don’t even get the chance to receive a gift on their birthdays.  What Birthday In A Box does is they voluntarily seek for these children and provide some free gifts to them on their birthdays.  


They sometimes ask for donations from other people to help them do it.  This makes Birthday In A Box stand above the rest.  They are not just concerned for providing or selling party supplies throughout the US but they also glimpse the needs of the less fortunate children in the US whom they also try to care for.

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Make It Realistic
Now that you all have prepared the military kids' party supplies, there could be one thing missing, a sure hit at the party your kid and the guests will truly enjoy. That is the real-life size soldier standing.  It is an army soldier stand up that measures a life-size stand up at 6 feet tall holding a rifle.  These stand-ups will make your military themed parties more realistic and your children will definitely feel the ambiance of being in real barracks or camps.  


PartyPro.Com currently has three models for these stand-ups, the Army Soldier Standup, the Female Soldier Life Size Standup and the U.S. Air Force Jet Pilot Standup.  Go and check the picture images of these on their web link provided herein.

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, Richmond, VA


A Network Of Offline Party Stores
Party City started way back in 1986 and has been serving customers throughout the US in furnishing their party needs and costumes.  They have delivered these party supplies and costumes and have had helped a lot of US customers in making their party celebration a success.

Party City is the only online store that has over 750 actual or visible stores located nationwide.  They have so many stores wherein you can actually personally walk in to buy these party supplies.  They have at least 20 stores scattered in Virginia alone, and so buying these army soldier party costumes or military costumes is no sweat.  Go ahead visit their website and find one store nearest you!

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The Pioneer In Partying Needs
Oriental Trading is a company involves selling toys, memorabilia, novelties and party items in the United States.  It started in 1932 and was the very first wholesaler of these kinds of products.  Being the pioneer in this field of sales, they are actually featured and included in Wikipedia.  Being in Wikipedia means you are well-known and have established a reputable name.  This only means that Oriental Trading can be a very good company to buy things from.


Buying your army soldier party items from them is going to be a worry-free one.  Please check their website now for your military items, soldier stand-ups and other army soldier party needs.

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The Ultimate Military Party Supply Store
Now, the search is over for the complete arsenal an army soldier party would need.  Kids Army has got it all, no doubt about it. They even have the things that you won’t think they have for a children’s party, like those of toy army guns.  You’ve got to see those toy army guns for they look so real but they aren’t real, of course.  Kids will definitely enjoy the stuff you will be getting from this for their birthday party.  Go and check those things out on their official website which is stated on this page.  

So, the next time you will be shopping for military stuff for your kid’s party, it has be with the Kids Army no less.

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408 Chisholm Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452


A Military Themed Cake
Your kid will always be the star of his birthday party celebration, be it any theme birthday party.  A kids' army soldier party is no exemption to that as your little soldier would love to be in that party with all those military stuff you have prepared for his birthday.  Supplement it with a trophy for his birthday is going to be a spice and an added flavor to such party.  A birthday without a birthday cake seems unpolished and having one military themed birthday cake is one big trophy for the celebrant to enjoy along with his guests.

Here at Jack and Jill baking, they know that need for a customized military concept or designed cakes for an army soldier party for kids.  They can create wonderfully crafted military themed birthday cakes in accordance with your taste and ideas.

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Cakes For The Little Soldiers
Cakes by Liza is owned by Liza V. Flojo who caters to all your party cake needs who can customized the designs and looks of each cake you will get from her.  Cakes by Liza specializes in this craft of making cakes, they especially want you to suggest an idea of a cake and they would be glad to create it for you.  

Military birthday cake is just one of those cakes Cakes by Liza would love to create for you.  They are so appetent to create one kind of cake for your child.  Cakes by Liza are mostly wedding cakes, celebration cakes, specialty items and desserts and other special occasion cakes.

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3611 Smokey Chamber Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Virginian Cake For Little Soldiers’ Party
As you are all set for an army soldier party for your kid’s birthday party, you’ve noticed that there’s something missing for this special day of your child.  Yes you forgot that you don't have the cake yet.  For sure you wanted to have that cake accustomed to the theme party that your child would have.  Worry no more for Yum Yum Eat’em Up Cakes can easily prepare one military themed cake for the military theme party.  

All you’ve got to do to have this cake on your child’s birthday party is to call them up and arrange one military themed cake designed by your very own creative mind.  They can create any designs that you would desire for such occasions.

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+1 757-681-0681
Indian River Road, Chesapeake, VA 23325

Lulu's Custom Cakes-army-soldier-parties-in-va

Army Soldier Party Cake
As what their name implies, Lulu’s Custom Cakes creates customized cakes accustomed to any theme party that you may have. They can easily create one cake for an army soldier party for your kid’s birthday party.  Lulu’s Custom Cakes have made many themed cakes for any special occasion for all their fellow Virginians.  Not only that their cake, especially that of the military theme cake, looks good but they taste very good too!

It is your child’s birthday, so why not top that army soldier party with a military theme cake for him or her.  One camouflaged cake on that party will surely make it look great!

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228 McNair Road, Fort Mayer, VA 22211


A Military Themed Party at Fort Myer
You have got all to materialize that military themed party but don’t want to do it in your home.  Most of the parents do not want such a wild, fun and action packed kids' party to be held inside their homes.  The reason for that is because they simply do not want something to be accidentally broken in their homes.  Things like glass, windows, furniture, fixtures, figurines and other fragile things inside their homes could be accidentally broken even if the party is under strict supervision.

This place can accept such themed parties in their recreation area.  The Fort Myer Recreation Center accepts reservations for any kid’s birthday party.  So, the next time you plan for a military themed party, just bring the kids together with your military stuff for their birthday party and everything is going to run smoothly here.

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3315 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22030


An Army Country Club for Kids’ Army Soldier Parties
Everything’s all prepped up for that one awesome army soldier party for your kid.  The only remaining thing that you need to prep up is the “barracks” where your celebrant and the whole party goers will do their military antics, plays, games and party.  That is going to be a whole lot of activities, playing, rockin’ and rollin’!  Doing it in a wide landscaped area or in the park can be a good place.  Something like an open air field full of trees or even just an indoor party place which can host such themed party.  

The Army Navy Country Club has those features and amenities.  It is a 500 acre landscaped place in Arlington and in Fairfax as well.  The place can host any special occasion, events or parties under the sponsorship of their club members.  Come check it out!

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703-578-6000 / 703-225-3100
3447 Carlin Springs Road, Bailey's Crossroads, VA 22041


High-Tech Military Themed Party
This place is so cool with its laser tag games!  It is a high-tech version of Capture the Flag where you dodge lasers and compete against opposing teams for high scores.  It’s perfect for an army soldier party or any special event, meeting or team building and any other ideas you’re planning to have.

You also have got to see this, their helicopter ride for children aged 8-12 years old.  Now that’s going to make your military themed party a real one.  With your kids wearing those military costumes you bought, this one real chopper ride is an ultimate experience. Guess what?  This helicopter ride is for FREE!  Go and check these all out on their website to have that chopper reserved for your kid now!

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442 South Washington Street , Falls Church, VA 22046


Any Themed Party Place
You do not want the mess that a certain party can create in your house or in your place, but do not know yet where to hold such. You already have everything that is needed for a military themed party, like the toys, cake, costumes, banners, invitations but simply do not want to do it in your house.  This is one final preparation that a parent will undergo when throwing an army soldier party for their kid's birthday parties.  The MoBu Kids can be a perfect place for that party.  MoBu Kids accepts and hosts any themed party in their foamed playground with their safe kid-friendly environment party floor.

The place offers the setting up of the party place and cleaning up after the party.  All you have to do is bring the party group here with your supplies and food.

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