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Animal Party Entertainment Services in Virginia

Does your kid love animals? Why not have an animal birthday party, complete with live animals! You can do anything from pony rides for parties or a mobile petting zoo. You could have a farm animal party or a pony party! We have made a list for all your animal-loving kids. Check it out for animal rentals for parties in Virginia. They will have a roaring good time.

+1 703-464-4763
1004 South Dickenson Avenue, Sterling, VA 20164


Fun Under The Sea!
With Under The Sea, your child’s next birthday party will all be under the sea!  Well, not literally but colloquial in particular to learning about living things that live under the sea.  Under The Sea will bring not just the animals or creatures that dwell under the sea but they are going to present it with some educational videos about them.  Presentations of these video clips will be interactive making it fun and enjoyable for all those at your kid’s party.

Your child will be surprised with the creatures that he or she might have not seen before!  Under The Sea has this collection of animals to bring to your kid’s animal party with customized programs for your child to surely enjoy!

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+1 703-433-0002
19270 James Monroe Highway, Leesburg, VA 20175


Bring The Zoo To The Party!
Whether you want to hold your kid’s party in your house or in this animal park zoo, the Leesburg can administer either.  Under their Zoo-To-You, the Leesburg Animal Park has extensive experience in handling birthday parties for children.  They have been in this business for more than 30 years now making it the premier or the first animal party provider in the region.  Not only that, they are also licensed and fully insured by the USDA for your security and your child at his party.

Check their birthday party packages that have "come to you" features in their website. 

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P.O. Box 62625, Virginia Beach, VA 23466


Footloose and Cut Loose!
Their mission is to bring awareness to people on the importance of wildlife, whether they are exotic or native animals, thus increasing appreciation and understanding for those animals.  With that mission, ZooPro Adventures can bring their native and exotic animals right to your house for your child’s upcoming party.  If your idea for your child’s birthday party is an animal party, then you have come to the right place.  As they promote appreciation of these animals, they encourage you too to feel free to visit their place, come as you please with your child and the whole family too!

Allow your child to footloose and cut loose with their animals while having fun at their birthday parties!  Let them go wild in an entertaining and educational demeanor!

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, , VA


Big Catch For The Party!
Catch their traveling reptile show or bring their reptiles to your house and celebrate your kid’s party with all kinds of reptiles and snakes in their collection.  JB’s Rattles has one massive collection of reptiles and snakes that will certainly amuse your child on his or her birthday.  Having these animals at your kid’s party or animal party is going to be a big catch for his birthday!

It is one perfect adventure and thrilling for your child to see their cobras, crocodiles, spiders, tortoises, hairy scorpions and more, in your own home.  They will have a great deal of learning about these reptiles once you bring them to your kid’s party!

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, Chesapeake, VA


Spell Fun and Safety, S-P-E-L-L-B-O-U-N-D!
Do you want to throw an animal party for your kid but are concerned about their safety?  Then the solution to that worry is here, the Spellbound Children’s Entertainment is USDA licensed ensuring your child’s safety with their ranch animals.  Spellbound Children’s Entertainment has been in this kind of business for almost two decades now and has never failed anyone at their party or special event.

So the next time you're planning this kind of kid’s party, think of Spellbound Children’s Entertainment.  For assurance of fun and safety with their lovely and cuddly animals, Spellbound will never come up short with those!  Please call them up now.

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The Reptiles Are Here!
Not only will their animals cover a lot of ground in your backyard or in your home, but the handlers or instructors will cover a lot of ground in providing education about their reptiles and animals.  They can come to your kid’s party to provide top notch information about everything about their reptiles.  So, not only will your kids learn from Reptiles Alive but you adults will as well! This is actually one exhilarating fun experience for everybody at that animal party for your child!

Just to give some idea of what animals you might be expecting from them are, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, boa or python and more reptiles!  Go ahead, visit their website and book your planning for an animal party with them now!

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3500 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23504


Animal Party At The Zoo
Did you know that the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk was established as early as 1892 and is now more than 100 years of existence in Norfolk Virginia?  It started out as a Lafayette Zoological Park and since then it began acquiring more zoo animals.  In 1985, Lafayette Zoological Park was renamed to Virginia Zoological Park at Norfolk, most commonly known today as Virginia Zoo.

Right now, the zoo houses around 350-400 various collections of zoo animals.  The zoo also provides their place as a venue for any kid’s party with these beautiful settlers of Virginia Zoo!  They have got various birthday party packages designed for kids and the whole family to enjoy the animals while celebrating their birthday!  Check out their website now to see more about these animal party packages and more!

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+1 757-385-3474
717 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Virginia Aquarium-animal-party-entertainment-services-in-virginia

Come & See The Denizens of The Air, Land & Sea
Your child’s birthday is coming and you still are undecided where to spend it, more especially if you’re planning for an animal party. You don’t want the mess and everything, or let us just put it this way, you simply just don’t want to do it in your home. Worry no more, this is one place where they can accommodate your animal party in their place.  The place is Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

Let your child experience the underwater creatures through their large aquariums.  Let them get a chance to touch their live animals in their aquariums as well as their other wildlife.  Let them see the denizens of the air, land and sea!  Let that kid’s party happen here at Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center!  

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524 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23601


Liven Up The Party In This Living Museum!
This is one place where you can do an animal party for your child.  The Virginia Living Museum offers their place full of real live wildlife and other exotic animals that your child can visit, see & touch, eventually learn from the place about these animals.  What you, your child and the guests at party will see and experience are their indoor exhibits (4 discovery centers are here), their outdoor exhibits and gardens, their Abbitt Planetarium, some special guided tours and other exhibits, and of course all their animals and plants dwelling in their environment.

The Virginia Living Museum has prepared some birthday party packages where you can choose which one you think will best suit your upcoming kid’s party.

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+1 540-955-5636
1691 Swimley Road, Berryville, VA 22611


Party To Go!
Their specialty is pony rides and petting zoos for all parties, events and occasions.  Pony To Go means party to go and they can definitely go anywhere in Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland!  Bring life and sunshine to your kid’s party by bringing ponies where your child and the guests can saddle up for a ride!  Pony To Go does not limit the number of animals that they will bring in to your kid’s party, they will make everyone go WOW!

With their variation of party ideas, you will find that your kid’s party will not be enough to throw all these party ideas in one day! You will definitely come back to them for more of their party ideas so that your child can experience them all!

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, Smithfield, VA 23430


They’re Not So Tiny After All
Teeny Tiny Farm has their own farm and they are licensed, insured and certified by the USDA.  They take good care of their own animal in their own farm, animals like ponies, mini horses, mini donkeys, mini llama, mini pigs, mini cows, little goats, sheep, bunnies and some ducks!  All their animals have a clean bill of health from their regular check-ups with their veterinarians.


 One more good thing about the Teeny Tiny Farm is that they never come up short with the number of animals they will bring to your kid’s party.  They normally bring at least 10 different animals to your party place for your animal party.  So that means when it comes to animal party providers, they are not so tiny after all!

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Squeals on Wheels in Virginia, , VA


Party With The Stars!
How about this, an animal party with animals that are stars of their own rights!  Squeals On Wheels animals are going to be featured and filmed by the National Geographic Channel and the Animal Planet shows!  Wow!  That is one big feat for these animals that Squeals On Wheels has for your kid’s party!  Their animals are stars and are going to be famous!  Watch out for their upcoming shows!

Would it be much better, if you are planning to have an animal party, to have these animals on your kid’s party?  That birthday party of your child will definitely be like having guests of famous stars!  Their animals won’t be featured on these channels if they didn't look good, are safe and fun to be with.  Check them out now!

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, , VA


Unlimited Source Of Fun With Animals!
Hold your breath folks for their mobile service for animal parties are here in Virginia and ready to reverse any drag party with their animals!  With their different approach in presenting their mobile educational programs like “Our Wild World” and “Live Shows” they can surely liven up that kid’s party you are planning for your child!  You can also choose from their birthday party options like the Barnyard Buddies, Wildlife Friends and Pony Rides.  Better yet, choose them all!

All you have to do is provide the party place where they can bring these animals to celebrate with your child.  They will prepare everything needed for an animal party like pony rides, trails and other hands-on experiences with their animals for your child.

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, Norfolk, VA


Don’t Let Them Down
Don’t let your child get down in the dumps especially at their upcoming birthday party.  Make your child’s dream come true by throwing a one of a kind birthday party!  Make them happy by bringing in some lovely pets or animals or even the whole zoo right to your home or backyard at the party!  With that, it will make them happy and surely awaken their sense of respect and love for those animals.  As a bonus, your child will love you more for giving them such a unique party that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

You can fulfill such an animal party by reaching out to the Zoomin’ Zoo Animal Outreach.  They will help you make your child happy and learn at the same time about those animals they will bring in.

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2388 London Bridge Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456


Animal Party For All!
Are you worried about the estimated expenses for your kid’s upcoming birthday party?  You know that it is hard to find some dirt cheap bargains nowadays but you still need to find something that can make your child happy.  More especially if your child will invite most of his good friends to his party, wow, it really is going to be one big budget!  With those guests at their birthday party, you might consider doing it somewhere else that accommodates such.

The absolute solution to this is the Hunt Club Farm, where they don’t drive a hard bargain for the animal party your kid will truly enjoy and boast of.  The place offers their farm for just $199 which can host up to 40 people in the party for two solid hours!  Now, that is the perfect solution for everything, isn’t it?

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2789 West Gibbs Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23457


Celebrate Here or Bring Their Farm Animals To You
If you want to spend your kid’s party here in their barn or you want them to bring their farm to your kid’s party place, the Beach Party Ponies & Barnyard Petting Zoo will make your animal party happen.  The Beach Party Ponies provides animal party entertainment services in the southern part of Virginia Beach.  They have been in this business since 1999 and they really love doing it.  


To make their farm a success story, the first thing that they do is get their animals their regular vaccinations, hoof trimmings and other routine check-ups.  This makes their barn or farm USDA certified which makes everything safe for their animals, their farm and of course their clients like you and your kids.

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